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Brand Story
Jason Wang established the CPS factory in 2005, he was particularly excited because he knew that it was the beginning of his dream.
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  • Jason Wang established the CPS factory in 2005, he was particularly excited because he knew that it was the beginning of his dream.
    Home is the warmest place. The original intention of CPS is to bring security and happiness for more and more families.
Under the leadership of Jason Wang, CPS has grown from a trading company of 7 person in the early days to a leading company specialized memory foam products. Nowadays, CPS has 26,000 square meters and 120-130 workers in China .
At first, CPS was a trading company of 7 people specializing in household sponge. In the process of expanding business, CPS found that the demand of memory foam materials began to appear in the market. In the process of meeting customer’s requirement, the team led by Jason Wang has gained more practical experience and theoretical knowledge. During the development, CPS accumulated a lot of cooperation experience with many famous brands and companies.

For Jason Wang, years of experience and accumulation of resources have laid a solid foundation to set up his own factory, R & D team and brand. After recruiting professionals in production development and quality control, Jason Wang finally set up a factory to make his own memory foam material. With his strong strength and personality charm, more and more excellent talents were willing to follow him. Today, CPS is a modern enterprise who has integrated R & D, production, sales and after-sales department.

The permanent goal of CPS is to make better products so that more people and pets will have better sleep and live happier lives. Therefore, Jason Wang and his staff have spared no effort to do product research and development, paying attention to scientific research trends and improving product quality during the fifteen years since the establishment of CPS.
CPS adheres to its product philosophy all the time. Based on his knowledge of the sponge industry and the market needs of the times, Jason Wang has developed a memory foam material which is constant temperature and uniformly stressed. Jason Wang is always the first one to experience the new material developed by team. If the product fails to meet his requirements, he will let the team redesign or reprocess. The R & D staff knows that the company strictly controls the product quality. Therefore, the R & D staff implements Jason Wang's concept into every R & D process. Both the production and sales of CPS products have been well trusted by customers and received a lot of praise.
CPS not only designs market-leading products continuously when cooperating with famous brand all over the world, but also pursues high-quality environmentally friendly