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We accept Small order to check quality & support OEM Designs.
Hot Sale Dog Beds
Memory foam conforms to your pet's unique shape to provide better overall support for joint and muscle discomfort, as well as soothes pressure points for additional therapeutic relief. High quality memory foam dog bed reduce dog's arthritis pain, especially older dogs.
The medical-grade polyurethane core base further maximizes its orthopedic benefits and adds foundational support, paving way for a deeper, rejuvenating sleep.

The egg crate surface for increases air circulation and regulate sleep temperature to promot a healthier and more restful sleep. 

Convoluted, egg crate design base provides support for joint and muscle discomfort, with the peak-and-valley design assisting in circulation.

The egg crate surface for increases air circulation and regulate sleep temperature to promot a healthier and more restful sleep. 


Mix memory foam stuffing is 5 times denser and 3 times heavier than other polyfill stuffing, which will not flatten overtime and provide many years of comfort & support under normal use. Shredded memory foam allows for better airflow between foam clusters for a cozy, breathable sleep surface. orthopedic shredded memory foam fill eliminates pressure points and increases breathability.


Gel memory foam contains microgel beads that reduces heat by about one to two degrees keeping your pet comfortably cool during warm summer months
while its memory foam properties assist in providing therapeutic support for joints and pressure points.

safety instructions
Promotes proper spinal alignment
Protects your valuable mattress from spills andaccidents; isolated mold and mildew withbreathable material.
Antibacterial Copper Foam
Vacuumed Packaging
1. Each piece put into PE bag
2. Compressed
3. Rolling
4. Put into master carton
5. Container loading
6. Received
7. Arrive at your home
We can customize any style and foam filling, the below suggestion which is from our marketing department for your reference.
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