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6 Tips For Decompression: Sleep With Less Pressure

Views: 4666     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-06-19      Origin: Site

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There is stress everywhere in life, we have to learn how to decompress ourselves to make life easier and better. If the stress is not relieved and accumulated little by little, it may lead to depression and endanger our health. The following is Everyone introduces 5 simple decompression tips.


1. Occasional temper tantrums

Many people think that anger is both bad for health and degrading. A survey published in the journal Biological Psychiatry found that showing anger causes the brain to release cortisol, a stress hormone, which is associated with obesity, osteoporosis and heart disease. . The researchers pointed out that venting out the anger in your heart can also help reduce the adverse effects of stress.


2. Concentrate on doing things

Dr. Jonathan C. Smith, director of the Roosevelt University Stress Institute, said that some repetitive activities that can maintain attention, such as swimming, painting, jogging, walking, praying, and knitting sweaters, are all good ways to reduce stress.


3. Hug pets

Support from loved ones has always been regarded as a weapon to alleviate bad emotions. James J. Blaskovich, a psychology professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, said that the comforting effect of pets is far greater than the support of friends and family.


4. Eat some chocolate

Most sweets are not conducive to decompression, but chocolate is the exception. "Proteome Research Journal" pointed out that the flavonoids in dark chocolate have a soothing effect on the human body.


5. Less pressure to sleep

People often say not to go to bed with anger. In fact, when distracted, the amygdala in the brain will send a signal to put the body in a state of "fight or escape" reaction mechanism, limiting its ability to think rationally. Therefore, it is better to sleep first and wait for the showdown after calming down. The problem may be easier to solve.

6. Choose high quality pillow and mattress

A good mattress and pillow can help people relieve stress. We recommend that everyone choose a memory foam mattress and pillow. The memory foam originates from the United States. It is the NASA in order to prevent astronauts from entering space and returning to the earth. The pressure is injured by the impact of pressure changes. Therefore, scientists have developed an absorbable speed Special materials that generate tremendous pressure. It has many advantages

1. Memory foam pillow and mattress is very sensitive to temperature, providing softness and hardness according to the temperature of the parts, so that each part of the body can be relaxed.

2. The products made with memory foam sag due to pressure, the rebound force is not obvious, and the pressure is restored to the original state, the human body and the contact points are evenly dispersed, and a comfortable state is achieved.

3. The biggest feature of the memory foam is that it can decompose the pressure of the human body, so that when people sleep, the whole body's blood is unobstructed and they sleep comfortably.

4. The open structure will inhibit the growth of bacteria and mites, so memory foam pillows and mattresses are suitable for pregnant women and children who are allergic to allergy.

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