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Does sleep quality really affect immunity?

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Everyone wants to have a healthy body and keep away from diseases. Most people who intend to get sick have a weaker immune system and are not strong enough to fight off the disease, it is because that diseases are related to one’s immune system. If a person's immunity is weak, he might be unable to resist some virus. People who don't get enough sleep often seem to have weaker immune systems? Let’s find out.


The research team, led by Professor Berry Duby, an immunologist at the University of Florida, has conducted a series of studies on the relationship between sleep, hypnosis and immunity. The conclusion is that sleep can eliminate fatigue, make people generate new vitality, but are also closely closed to immunity improvements, the ability to resist diseases. Professor Duby made self hypnosis experiments on 28 subjects. The results showed that there are significant increases in T lymphocyte and B lymphocyte in the blood of subjects who had undergone hypnosis. Basocyte is the main force of human immunity, which means that the body's ability to resist the invasion of disease is strengthened. Professor Duby points out, hypnotic method can enhance the body's immune function. In the future, it can be used in the treatment of immunodeficiency people.


What’s more, researchers from Germany also have discovered that sleep is sometimes the best medicine. According to a new study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, sleep improves the ability of some immune cells to attach to their targets, The research, led by Stoyan Dimitrov and Luciana Besedovsky at the University of Tübingen, helps explain why sleep fights infections, while in other conditions, such as chronic stress make the body more susceptible to illness.

Adrenaline and Prostaglandins are down-regulated when the body is asleep. Dimitrov and his colleagues compared t cells in healthy volunteers after sleep or overnight, and found that levels of T cell integrin were significantly higher after normal sleep than after overnight. The researchers then believed that the effect of sleep on T cell integrin activation was due to decreased Gas coupling protein receptor activation.

"Our findings suggest that sleep may enhance the efficiency of the T cell response, " said the author Luciana Besidovsky. In addition to helping explain the positive effects of sleep and the negative effects of certain pathological conditions, Dimitrov and his colleagues propose new strategies to improve t cells' ability to attach to their targets. This could be used in cancer immunotherapy, in which T cells attack and kill cancer cells.


The scientists also found that subjects who underwent hypnosis showed greater self-confidence, self-esteem and independence in the face of the stresses of daily life. The above results tell us that if we have insomnia, we should take self-hypnosis therapy, so that the patient has enough sleep, which helps to restore health; if the patient does not sleep enough, even if the condition is no longer worse, the recovery period will be extended. People should be abstemious nightlife, keep sufficient morpheus time. According to experts,maintaining 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day is indispensable.


So as we already know the importance of sleep, it is time to improve our sleep such as by buying good mattress or pillows, especially memory form mattress and memory form pillows so that our immune system can better help us resist diseases from outside.

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