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How To Clean And Maintaining Memory Foam Mattress

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Memory mattress, also known silicone memory mattress, an inert foam memory bed, is made of memory rubber, which can absorb human body pressure. With the continuous improvement of  a good quality life, the requirements for mattresses and pillows are getting higher and higher. Memory mattress and memory foam pillows are becoming a popular choice for those searching for sleeping quality and good health. But how do we clean and maintaining them? Learn from the following passage. You will soon get to know.

1. How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress or Pillow

Vacuuming Your Memory Foam

One of the easiest and simplest ways to maintain cleanliness for your memory foam is with regular vacuuming. Using a hand-held vacuum is your best option for greatest amount of control.

You can also remove and wash the Antimicrobial Cotton Blend Cover that fits over the Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Mattress prior to vacuuming. Be sure to vacuum all surfaces of your memory foam including the sides.

l Removing Stains From Your Memory Foam

If a stain does get on your memory foam, do not use commercial products with harsh chemicals in them such as bleach or ammonia. Not only are these chemicals too harsh, but they will also ruin the material and the interior of the memory foam.

A preferred way to clean your memory foam is by using a mild detergent such as dish-washing liquid that is mixed with water until it is in a bubble form. Next, with a clean sponge, dip it into the bubbles and clean with a circular motion from the outermost portion of the stain towards the interior of it. Be sure to only use the bubbles to remove the stain without dipping the sponge into the solution.

l Drying Your Memory Foam Mattress

If any type of liquid is spilled on your memory foam, it needs to go out in the sun immediately in order to dry out quickly. When you place the mattress in the sun all day long, make sure you turn it over periodically so that it dries evenly on all sides.

If there is no sun to dry your memory foam mattress, then sprinkle baking soda onto the wet spot. The baking soda will absorb the dampness. After about a half hour to an hour of having the baking soda on it, a clump will form as it absorbs the baking soda. Once the baking soda is done absorbing the dampness the only thing that needs to be done is vacuuming up the baking soda. The baking soda will also absorb any unpleasant odors.

If the mattress is still a little damp, simply use a blow dryer to complete the drying process. Do not use the blow dryer on the hottest setting since it could cause damage to the mattress. Only use it on the cold or warm setting until the mattress is completely dry.

2. How to Maintain a Memory Foam Mattress or Pillow

The memory mattress can reflect the user's body temperature changes and record the user's curve, to achieve an average support of the body, release body pressure, providing you a comfortable environment to fall asleep. So it is a great deal to keep your memory foam mattress in great shape for efficiency and longer use.

l Give the mattress enough support

A firm and solid foundation with a little breathability is the right kind of support for memory foam mattresses. Place the mattress on a broad box spring with a hard surface or little or no spaced slatted bed base will be able to bear the weight of mattress and sleepers. If you feel a certain part of your body suddenly sinking during sleep, check if the foundation is damaged.

Do not jump on the bed.

The mattress will be damaged by a single point of strong force.  

Rotate the mattress from head to toe to extend its lifespan

Move your mattress every now and again to help it wear more evenly can extend its lifespan about 50%. Rotate your mattress from head to toe every three or six months to make it free of sagging which is formed from sleeping in the same spot constantly over a long period of time.

As we sleep on our bed for 6 or 8 hours every night, learning the essential ways to keep your memory foam mattress in great shape is very important to contribute a luxurious comfort and support for our body. Find suitable memory mattress and pillows and begin your journey to enjoying what you have learned from these tips.

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