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7 Keys to Understanding Today’s Retail Mattress Marketplace

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BSC survey of mattress purchasers and those who plan to buy identifies trends in shopping behavior


A Better Sleep Council survey looked at shopping behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic. The 500 online respondents included consumers who had purchased a mattress within the previous two months (63%), and consumers who planned to purchase a mattress within the next one to two months (37%).

These are seven key takeaways for retailers:

1. Omnichannel shopping is prevalent

Consumers are shopping both online and in-store for mattresses and are looking at an average of three or four different channels on their shopping journey. Almost three-fourths of survey respondents shop or plan to shop on at least one online site and at least one brick-and-mortar store.

2. Brick-and-mortar shoppers will travel

Shoppers who want to shop in-store are willing to travel up to 20 to 40 minutes to do so. Online purchasers are more likely than in-store purchasers to say it takes or will take 40 to 60 minutes to get to a brick-and-mortar store.

3. Online reviews are important

Online reviews are an important part of the shopping and purchasing process, but there is not a significant distinction between the various review sources. About half of all mattress shoppers said they searched for and read online reviews, and they visit an average of three or four review websites. Online reviews are an important factor in the final purchase decision for all mattress shoppers, and even more so for those who purchase their mattress online.

4. Pandemic boosts online shopping

Consumers are more likely to purchase online, but more than one-third still are buying or planning to buy in-store because they want to try out the mattress and see it in person. About six in 10 shoppers who purchase online do so because of Covid-19 concerns. Other reasons include a better price, ease of shopping, and fast or free shipping.

5. Buyer journey takes a week or less for half of shoppers

The buyer journey lasts a week or less for about half of all mattress shoppers, and those who purchase in-store are more likely to have a shorter journey. But for about one-third of consumers, the journey lasts two weeks or longer.

6. Delivery is a more common choice than pickup

Most consumers prefer to have their mattress delivered to their home, and nearly two-thirds of respondents said they received or will receive their mattress folded, rolled and compressed (boxed). Online purchasers are more likely to say they received or will receive their mattress boxed than in-store purchasers.

7. Many mattress purchasers set up beds on their own

More than half of all consumers will set up their mattress on their own.  Online purchasers are more likely than in-store purchasers to set up their mattress. And younger respondents are more likely to set up their mattress on their own, compared with older respondents.

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