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A Sleep Theme that Fascinates Artists

Views: 122     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-05      Origin: Site

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Sleeping generally refers to human sleep, it is a physiological phenomenon indispensable to human beings. In a person's life, sleep accounts for nearly one-third of the time. Its quality is closely related to human health, which shows how important sleep is to everyone.

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Sandro Botticelli, Henry Lulou, Van Gogh Francisco Goya, Giorgione and other leading figures in the history of art have had a keen interest in the mysterious sleep theme. Professor Meir Kryger of Yale School of Medicine has been engaged in sleep research. His research began around the function and pathology of sleep, such as exploring the relationship between heart failure and sleep breathing. And the unsolved mystery of sleep, such as why people sleep, why do people dream, any scientific research in the world has not found a definitive answer.

Sleeping is a mysterious field. Kryger has devoted books to the theme of sleep in art and literature, trying to reveal the artist's different expressions of this normal and mysterious state of rest. Looking at the sleeping figures in the painting, we can't help wondering how the artists imagined when they were sleeping, what information and connotation they wanted to convey.

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Kryger collected and analyzed and the representative works of sleep in the art history. It can be seen that myths, dreams, religious sleep and death, mind control, healing, and desire are usually the creative interests of artists. Take myths and legends as an example, in the 15th-century famous painting "Mars and Venus" of Botticelli, the god Venus sits next to the sleeping god Mars, and the young son of the forest god plays around them, playing with Mars's weapons. Kyger believes that this painting is intended to show that love has defeated the war, Venus is stronger than Mars in the rest, and in some extent, sleeping means weakness.

The "Very Sleeping Venus" created by Giorgio in 1508 is another interpretation of sleep, highlighting strength and desire. Venus, who is naked in the painting, covering the privacy with one hand, and although she is completely exposed, she seems to be able to control her body. She is immersed in her own world, in a state of consciousness and unconsciousness, completely free from outside interference. Sleep is often associated with desire and innocence, and is considered to be a state similar to death. Artists who focus on sleeping beauty also show that women are more attractive than inanimate objects in expressing sleep themes, and are not grotesque. Although the sleeping beauty in the painting is the same as death, it exudes a sense of life. She is conscious but not awake, her body is lying in reality, but her thoughts are in a state of fantasy. In the art history, the famous paintings depicting sleeping beauty are significantly more than those of sleeping males. Andy Warhol filmed a Warhol-style short film called Sleep, which recorded his friend's sleep. Sleep is a puzzling, peculiar but necessary personal experience. It is an individual experience that cannot be shared with others. When you enter a dream, you will go through this process alone.

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According to statistics, 150 million of the world's 600 million insomniacs are due to uncomfortable pillows. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right pillow, which is closely related to our health. And a memory foam pillow will be a good choice.

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