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After mattress anti-dumping: the proud American mattress company, the unwilling AMA alliance

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"The war never stops." It's just that today it appears with a new look, one of which is the "trade war."


Since the series of anti-dumping of mattresses reported by Furniture Today in 2019, the latest new round of anti-dumping of mattresses in 2021 has caused the industry to make waves again.


Origin of the event


After the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) announced its preliminary anti-dumping ruling on mattresses from seven countries on October 28, 2020, on March 19, 2021, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that it would make an anti-subsidy affirmative decision on mattresses imported from China. Cut. On April 26, ITC made a final ruling, ruling that anti-dumping and anti-subsidy were established. The execution time of the order is updated to May 3, 2021. The anti-dumping duty rates finally determined by the 7 countries are:


















Some American mattress manufacturers: Is this the result of fair competition?

As soon as the ruling came out, two completely different voices emerged within the American mattress industry.


One voice came from the coalition that filed anti-dumping and countervailing applications. The verdict represents their victory, and mattresses from the seven countries that want to export to the United States will encounter greater resistance. On the other hand, the amount of anti-dumping and countervailing subsidies will not enter the US Treasury, but will be used to subsidize the companies that filed applications-which shows how happy this party is.


In addition, many mattress manufacturers in the United States expressed support for this latest move, believing that it paved the way for "fair competition." Analyst Raymond James said, “Although we still need several months of data to determine the extent of the impact, for the US mattress industry, the decline in mattress imports in the past three months compared to last year is very encouraging. In addition, the seven countries targeted by the anti-dumping case all show that mattress sales are declining year by year, which should indicate that the production and supply chain is changing."




"The most important thing is that we need a level playing field. We cannot allow foreign companies to compete unfairly with American manufacturers because they have a price advantage with government subsidies," said Robert Napochak, president of Gold Bond Mattress Company ( Robert Naboicheck) said, “Under a level playing field, American manufacturers can make extraordinary results, and the government has the power to supervise them. I think this decision is very positive for the industry. Unfair mattress imports are taking place. Let the United States pay the price: mattress sales, dollars, and job opportunities. Every American manufacturer wants a level playing field. This ruling puts everyone on the same starting line and benefits our industry."


Marc Werner, the founder and CEO of Ghost Bed, said, “As many people are currently facing supply chain shortages, I will not ignore the inappropriateness of this ruling. However, I believe that it brings Long-term benefits will far outweigh short-term challenges. This ruling will be a big boom for domestic bedding manufacturers, especially e-commerce. We have personally experienced the decline in domestic production that is hitting a wall in competition with imported products. Recently online sales The same is true. The new regulations, coupled with consumers’ preference for online mattress purchases, will help increase demand.


“Southerland’s President and CEO Bryan Smith said that all parts of the industry have been affected by the anti-dumping case. “Port congestion and shipping delays continue to complicate distribution channels, and many dealers turn to domestically produced alternatives. This creates an advantage for us in the industry. "


As the number of imported mattresses continues to decline, some domestic mattress manufacturers are preparing to expand further.

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