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Baby pillows are very important, quality teaches you

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Baby pillows are prepared by many new mothers-to-be for their children. A good sleeping environment includes the choice of cribs, the layout of the baby's bedroom, etc. They are very important to the growth of the baby. What pillows are good for babies and what pillows are good for babies These are all new mothers are more concerned about. The correct choice and use of pillows can benefit the blood circulation of the baby's head, assist in regulating the metabolism of neurohumoral fluids, and help him enter a peaceful dream.


Baby pillow purchase tips

1. The choice of pillow core

The texture of the pillow core should be soft, light, breathable, and hygroscopic. It can be filled with materials such as rush, buckwheat husk, and puffer, or it can be filled with tea, mung bean skin, silkworm sand, bamboo mushroom, chrysanthemum, papaya, cassia seed, etc. Pillow. As the saying goes: "The head should be cold, and the feet should be warm." After the baby falls asleep, the head temperature is generally 3 degrees Celsius lower than the body temperature. If the head temperature is too high, the baby will be irritable and difficult to fall asleep. In addition, pay more attention when choosing pillows for children with allergies. Inferior fillings may induce asthma attacks in children, while pillows made of polyester and foam may cause scalp allergies.


2. The height of the pillow

The baby’s pillow is too high or too low, it will affect the smooth breathing and blood circulation in the neck, resulting in poor sleep quality. So, how tall is a baby pillow? When babies are 3 to 4 months old, they can sleep on a 1 cm high pillow, and when they are 7 to 8 months old, they should sleep on a 3 cm high pillow. In the future, according to the children's continuous development, the height of their pillows will be gradually adjusted. Generally, the height of children's pillows is 6-9 cm.


3. The size and shape of the pillow

The length of the baby pillow should be slightly larger than the shoulder width, and the width should be equal to the head length. A pillow that is too soft and large may suffocate young babies; in addition, the contact position of the pillow and the head should be made as similar to the back of the head as possible.

4. The choice of pillowcase

The pillowcase is best made of soft white or light-colored cotton cloth, which is easy to absorb moisture and breathe.


How long can the pillow be used after the baby is born? What kind of pillow is better?

When do babies use pillows? When the baby is three or four months old, the neck spine begins to bend forward. At this time, you can sleep on a one-centimeter-high pillow or towel to prevent him from spitting up milk. When he grows to seven or eight months old, he begins to learn to sit. The baby's chest and spine begin to bend back, and the shoulders develop and widen. At this time, the height of the pillow can increase to about three centimeters.


What pillow is good for babies to sleep on? Pay special attention when choosing pillows for babies. If you choose a pillow that is too hard, such as a mung bean pillow, it will not fit your child’s head shape and affect the baby’s head bone development, while a soft pillow such as a down pillow will not provide enough support for the cervical spine. , It is easy for the baby to fall into the pillow, and there is a danger of suffocation. Therefore, the most suitable product for children is the proper softness and hardness. It is best to use pure cotton fabric for the baby pillow. The pillow core should be soft and light, breathable and water-absorbent. It can be filled with buckwheat husk, silkworm sand, rush, velvet, waste tea, etc., and the part of the pillow in contact with the head should be made as close to the head as possible. The rear part is similar in shape so that it fits the head shape as much as possible.

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