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Choose pillows and mattresses in this way to get a better sleep quality!(1)

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Some people joked that there is always one body and soul in the bed, which shows that the importance of sleep to people is self-evident. The quality of sleep is closely related to bedding, sleeping posture, daily routine and so on. For example, some people usually have cervical spine pain, which may be caused by poor sleep. Then we will talk about sleeping position, choosing pillows and mattresses, etc. to help you create a healthy sleep journey.


Recommended sleeping position

Poor sleep is related to sleeping posture and lying down. Incorrect sleeping posture and inappropriate bedding will not only affect rest, but even cause or aggravate cervical spondylosis. And if you sleep right, it can effectively prevent cervical spondylosis, especially for the young “head bowers” in their twenties and thirties who often suffer from neck pain, stiff shoulders, difficulty raising their heads, and numb hands. Health issues.

Suggested sleeping position: Keep the head and neck in a natural supine position, lying on the back and knees and hips slightly bent.



Choose pillow

Soft, breathable and adjustable

In view of the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, if there is support under the neck during sleep, it will be more adapted to the lordotic curvature of the cervical spine, which is beneficial to relax the neck muscles. Must require.

Don't sit back

Still talking about "sit back and relax"? The doctor said, not only in sleep, but also in daily rest, such as lying in bed, reading a book, watching mobile phones, watching TV, etc., try to avoid using pillows. The high occipital state increases the curvature of the head and neck lordosis, not only the muscles in front of the vertebral body and the anterior longitudinal ligament are prone to fatigue due to excessive tension, but also cause chronic injuries. At the same time, the ligamentum flavum behind the spinal canal can protrude forward into the spinal canal, so that the spinal canal increases the pressure from the back.

Avoid no pillow

Without a pillow, the head and neck are in a state of extension, which makes the ligamentum flavum at the back fall into the spinal canal, so that it compresses and stimulates the spinal cord. Especially those with spinal stenosis.

U-shaped pillow should be used

Regarding the choice of pillow shape, the best choice should be an ingot shape with a low middle and high ends. Because it can use the central depression to maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, it can have a relative braking and fixing effect on the head and neck, reducing abnormal activities during sleep. Next, you can choose a flat pillow. However, it is forbidden to choose the shape of a hill with high middle and low ends.

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