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Choose pillows and mattresses in this way to get a better sleep quality!(2)

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Choose a mattress

Shed bed:

The biggest disadvantage is that the center is low and the four sides are high due to the pressure of the human body. When the braid is relaxed, the tension of the muscles on the lower back side is increased, and the body position of the head and neck is in a relatively elevated position.

Wire spring bed:

It is not suitable for patients with cervical spondylosis and other spinal injuries.

Wooden bed with steel frame:

It can maintain the balance of the spine and is beneficial to patients with spinal or lower limb injuries.

Pocket spring mattress:

According to the different load sizes of various parts of the human body and the characteristics of the human body curve, springs of different specifications and elasticity can be rationally arranged to achieve the function of maintaining the physiological curve of the human body.

Other mattresses:

Foamed plastic mattresses are too poorly ventilated; air bed or water bed, the negative focus of the patient's body is adjusted by the flow of gas or water in the mattress. It is suitable for severely paralyzed, thin, and elderly patients, but it is expensive.


memory foam pillow

7 tips for buying a quality mattress

1. First check the number of brand stores online and search for brand history.

2. Look at the appearance: Whether the side line is straight, the fabric has no jumper or the thread is loose, the fabric feel test, good fabric has the feeling of warm in winter and cool in summer, etc.

3. Whether you can touch the spring by touching the edge of the mattress with your hand, if you can touch it, be careful to cut corners.

4. Check the warranty card, whether the manual has a detailed address, phone number, website address, QR code, etc., what is the diameter of the spring, and the number of spring coils. If it is an independent pocket spring, ask how many components it consists of.

5. Try to lie down on the mattress personally, listen to the vibration of the spring, and repeatedly turn sideways due to the pile of fabrics on one side.

6. For double-sided mattresses, turn over and test the other side; for single-sided mattresses, see if the other one can touch the springs. If there is, be careful.

7. The test must unwrap the packaging plastic film, if you smell the glue, give up decisively.

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