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Do you know the signs of pet cancer?

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At present, cancer is a major cause of death of pets, the incidence of cancer in pets continues to rise, there are many causes of cancer, here are some common causes.

The Causes of Pet Cancer

1. Gene

Cancer is widely regarded as a genetic disease. Tumors are caused by genetic mutations in somatic cells that result in abnormal proliferation.

2. Chemical Factor

Studies have shown that pets who live with smokers for a long time are more likely to develop cancer. Long-term smoking can not only increase the chances of human cancer, but also increase the chances of pet cancer. In addition to smoking, herbicides containing 2, 4-dichloroacetic acid are also closely related to canine lymphomas.

3. Physical Factor

UV rays with a spectral range of 280 mm to 320 mm are likely to be the cause of a skin disease in pets. Long-term cumulative exposure to UV-B increases the risk of cancer in pets, while long-term exposure to magnetic fields and radiation also increases the risk of cancer in pets.

4. Virus

Both DNA and RNA-containing viruses are known to cause cancer. The initial step for most tumor viruses to cause malignant deformation of normal cells is to merge all or part of the virus DNA into the gene of host cells. Canine papilloma virus is a carcinogenic and contagious virus. The viruses that cause cancer in cats include papilloma virus, retrovirus, etc.

The Signs of Pet Cancer

1. Lump

A lump that grows on a pet is not necessarily a malignant tumor, usually as long as it is examined, and the veterinarian can determine if the cell is cancerous.

2. Abnormal Smell

If a sudden strange smell occurs suddenly from the pet's mouth, ears, or other parts of the body, the pet should be brought to check in time. Cancer usually causes obvious stench near the mouth, nose or anus.

3. Abnormal Excreta or Secretions

When there is blood, pus, vomitus, diarrhea or any other abnormal liquid discharged from the pet, the pet should be sent to the doctor for confirmation in a timely manner. In addition, if the pet's abdomen becomes inflated, it is likely to be a warning of canceration of cells in the body.

4. A Wound That Cannot Heal

If the pet's wound or inflammation fails to heal, this may be a precursor to skin disease and even cancer.

5. Significant Weight Loss

Among pet diseases, cancer is one of the few that causes significant weight loss. If you find your pet suddenly losing weight, be sure to communicate with a professional veterinarian and take your pet to a diagnosis.

6. Pets Have No Appetite

The pet won't have no reason to refuse to eat. Although loss of appetite is not necessarily caused by cancer, cancer does cause loss of appetite. Oral tumors can also cause difficulty and pain in eating or swallowing.

7. Cough or Dyspnea

Cough and dyspnea may be caused by heart or lung disease. But sometimes it may be caused by cancer, which can also cause these symptoms if the cancer metastasizes to the lungs.

How To Treat Pet Cancer

If your pet is diagnosed with cancer, there are many ways to help your pet treat it. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy or a combination of therapies. The specific treatment plan is decided by the doctor. But you can do what you can to ease the pain of your pet. When pets have cancer, they hurt when they sleep. You can buy a memory foam pet bed to relieve the pain. In addition, you should adjust your pet's diet and rest to assist the doctor in the treatment. 

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