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Dog Bed Choice-Spring, Summer and Autumn

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If the baby dogs at home sleep directly on the ground, it will easily cause the skin at the elbow joints to wear. There are many types of dog sleeping pads on the market. How should I choose the one that is suitable for my baby?


Let the baby dogs tell you!


1. Breathable bed: light weight, you can put a sheet on it, suitable for every dog, and it is easy to clean if you accidentally wet the bed!

2. Cool bed: suitable for dogs who are afraid of heat, it is made of special chemical materials, but it is not suitable for dogs that will damage the bed, because they may accidentally eat harmful substances inside, so choose according to the situation. !

3. Raised cold bed: It is also suitable for every dog, especially for dogs who are prone to eczema due to dampness at home. Raised mattresses will not directly touch the moisture on the ground, which can reduce skin infections.

4. Self-made sleeping bed: Use clothes or pillowcases at home to sew into various shapes, stuffed with cotton or foam, and the taste of the owner. In the cool spring and autumn, it is the favorite of babies!


Baby dogs don’t only have one bed. We will choose the one suitable for each dog according to their habits and preferences, as well as the weather conditions. Choosing the right mattress can make them have a better sleep quality. A good mattress will make you go to heaven! XD


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