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[Dog’s bedtime ceremony] Three reasons behind the crazy behavior of scratching the bed

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-13      Origin: Site

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Sleeping is the most sacred and inviolable private time for a dog, and it usually has a small ceremony before going to bed to sleep more sweetly. Do you parents think of what kind of ceremony it is? If you take a peek at the dog's sleep, you will find that almost every time before going to bed, it will make a circle, and then keep scratching the bed, and sometimes even biting the cushion, before falling asleep peacefully. What is the reason behind this kind of bed-grabbing behavior?


According to the analysis of animal experts, it is the nature of dogs to scratch the bed before going to bed. Dogs living in the wild are accustomed to scratching the ground before going to bed to clean up all the small gravel on the ground and small insects in the soil, so that they can rest in a relatively smooth place and sleep more comfortably. Although the living environment of the dog living at home has been greatly improved, it still retains a little instinct. It likes to turn around and scratch the bed before going to bed to make its sleeping place more comfortable.


In addition, the dog will leave the smell by scratching the bed, making it more secure. Its paws secrete pheromone with its own special smell, and pheromone is the communication bridge between animals, allowing it to understand each other through sniffing. The dog frantically scratches the bed before going to bed in order to leave a smell on the nest and divide it into its own exclusive area to add a sense of security. In addition, when the owner buys a new bed for the dog, there may be an unfamiliar smell of plastic or fabric on it. The dog will also think that there is an intruder and constantly scratch the bed to emphasize that it is its sphere of influence.


And when the dog is emotionally unstable, it will alleviate worry by scratching the bed. If the dog scratches and digs too frequently, or constantly bites other things in the house, this may be a precursor to anxiety, and the owner should pay attention to it.

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