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Gel Mattress

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The surface layer of the gel mattress adopts a three-dimensional structure, which supports every part of the body more perfectly than the general structure, and effectively distributes the pressure of each part evenly.

One of the most direct factors affecting people's sleep is the temperature of sleep. The surface gel just solves this problem. It can maintain a temperature about 1.5 degrees lower than the surface layer of the human body, promote blood circulation, and effectively improve the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the human body. The aerobic respiration gives people a great sense of comfort, greatly improves the quality of sleep, and effectively promotes the deep and healthy sleep of the human body.

The cushion filling of the gel mattress is composed of 6 layers of soft fibers with different functions and high-tech treatment. It contains reed essence and has undergone special softening treatment, which can effectively absorb sweat and wick away moisture, which is beneficial to skin moisturizing and refreshing beauty. effect.

One of the fillings of the gel mattress is natural eco-friendly cotton, which can respond properly and effectively and relieve tension and fatigue in various parts of the body. The whole mattress perfectly combines the gel with the new generation of natural environmental protection cotton, which is highly ventilated and breathable, antibacterial and anti-mite, and is durable and not deformed.

Lace Mattress (Restonic) is the first company to successfully launch a gel mattress and it is very popular in the market. Laurie Tokarz, its vice president, said that the gel mattress market will definitely continue to grow in the future, and the company will continue to develop gel mattresses. Mattress products such as gel foam combined with innersprings to stimulate market sales.

According to reports issued by US bedding manufacturers, the current share of gel mattresses in the US mattress market is increasing. Senior executives of some bedding manufacturers said that gel mattresses, as a segment of mattresses, have attracted the attention of the entire market because of their price advantages.

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