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How does a too soft or too hard mattress affect sleep?

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A good quality of sleep is the guarantee of a full day's energy, and with modern people's emphasis on health, mattresses are gradually being favored by consumers. So, what is the relationship between sleep and mattress? Today, I will take you to take a look.


Sleep requirements for bedding:

1. Comply with the physiological structure of the human body, and maintain the normal physiological curvature of the spine, so that the muscles are not prone to fatigue.


2. A hard bed will increase muscle pressure, increase the load of ligaments and joints, make people sore back and have to turn over frequently, it is difficult to fall asleep, the light sleep time is long, the deep sleep time is short, or the deep sleep cannot be entered.


3. It is easy to turn over freely, which is conducive to the circulation of blood and the stretching of muscles and bones.


4. Air permeability, elasticity, affect the comfort of sleep.


(1) Wastes and water vapor generated by human metabolism during sleep will be continuously discharged through the skin. If the mattress is not breathable, these wastes cannot be distributed in time, which is very harmful to human health. In addition, a mattress with good air permeability can also reduce the number of people turning over during sleep, extend the time of deep sleep, and improve the quality of sleep.


(2) As for whether the mattress is hard or soft, in-depth discussions have been carried out in foreign countries several decades ago, and the result is that a flexible mattress is a good mattress.


5. Personal factors and "subjectivity" of comfortable sleep. The comfort of the mattress also varies from person to person, and habits become natural.




1. The mattress is too hard

A bed that is too hard will not allow your shoulders and hips to sink properly. It will cause the shoulders and hips to buckle inward and cause the spine to be forced to bend. Such pressure will also cause the circulatory system and the tail spine. Muscle pain.


2. The mattress is too soft

Because the mattress is too soft, the area of self-heavy parts is too large and severely sinks, which cannot be effectively supported, and the spine is forced to twist.


3. Moderate mattress

With a suitable mattress, your body can be supported reasonably and correctly. It is soft enough to make your shoulders and hips sink normally and get corresponding rebound support. Your spine will present a completely relaxed and natural state, which can guarantee the sweetest and most comfortable sleep for those sleeping on it.

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