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How much sleep does everyone need?

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The answer to that question is not definite. However, according to a study by the National Sleep Foundation, there are enough data to determine the recommended hours of sleep by your age group.

Sleep Time Required For Different People

For example, toddlers need on average of about 12.5 hours while an adult of 26 years only needs about 8. A breakdown of the info is as follows: The people with the age of 0-3 months need around 15 hours, the people with the age of 4-11 months need around 14 hours, the people with the age of 1-2 years around 12.5 hours. The older children need the sleep of 9-11 hours, teenagers require around 9 hours. Adults  require the sleep of about 8 hours, and adults 65 years and up only need about 7.

How To Improve Sleep Quality

1. Don't eat before bed

When the human body enters the sleep state, the activity rhythm of body will become very slow. If we eat too much before we go to sleep, the food are going to be digested continuously in the stomach and intestine, and the brain will be stimulated constantly. So don't eat too much and drink drinks such as tea and coffee before we get ready to go to bed, or it will lead to a decline in sleep quality.

2. Let go of your work and study

If we still consider our study and work before we go to bed, it is bound to cause tension in our brains. Sleep is the rest stage, our brains have been running for a day, it is time to let it have a good rest. Therefore, let the brain relax before going to bed, which can help us fall asleep early. We can solve the problems of work and study during the day and relax at night, otherwise the brain will be excited all the time and will lead to insomnia on the long run.

3. Good sleep environment

The place where we sleep must be comfortable and quiet, and people in such an environment can calm down. Therefore, we have to choose soft and comfortable bedding, the memory foam mattress and memory foam pillow have the characteristics of above. In addition, memory foam mattress and memory foam pillow also has the function of inhibiting the breeding of acarids and bacteria, and ensuring human health.

4. Have a cup of milk before you go to bed

The milk contains calcium and tryptophan, which can inhibit people's excitement, and let us be in a calm state and get into sleep as soon as possible. Don't drink coffee and strong tea at night, because it can cause us to lose sleep. After 11:00 in the evening is the detoxification time of the organs, if we are not asleep at this time, our bodies will be overloaded.


Using hot water to soak feet before bedtime can improve the quality of sleep. When you soak your feet, you can massage your soles of the feet and shanks. At the same time, don't go to bed immediately after you soak your feet. 

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