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How often does the pillow core in the pillow need to be changed?

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Frequent changing of sheets and pillowcases is an indispensable homework for many housewives. However, the pillow cores that are in close contact with us every day need to be replaced regularly. Furniture fans have discovered that pillow cores in many families have not been replaced for several years. Then why should the pillow core be replaced regularly?


When the human body sleeps, saliva and sweat, as well as dust and dander on the head, will penetrate into the pillow, thereby breeding dust mites and bacteria, causing allergic diseases. Therefore, we have to regularly replace the pillow cores that we "closely contact" every day.


Because the pillow core is in close contact with the human body, a large number of mites and bacteria are hidden in the pillow core that has not been replaced, which is the root cause of itchy skin. In daily life, families use pillows and pillowcases when they use pillows, and often wash the pillowcases and pillowcases, but the pillow core in the pillow rarely attracts attention. In some families, pillow cores are often used for several years or even longer, and they never think of replacing them.


In order to avoid the occurrence of allergic diseases, in ordinary families, in addition to washing the pillowcase and pillow towel every 1 to 2 weeks, the pillow core should also be washed every 3 months.


If the material used for the pillow core is not easy to clean, it is best to choose to expose it to the sun once a week from 10 am to 4 pm, when the ultraviolet rays have the strongest effect, and it is best to replace it after two years of use.

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