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How to choose and buy memory foam pillows

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A growing number of people have started to use memory foam pillow to help their sleep better, because of its advantages of slow rebound, reduce pressure, and air permeability. It has become the first choice for many people to buy a pillow.

The Difference Between Shredded Memory Foam Pillow And Solid Memory Foam Pillow

Most mass-produced memory foam pillows consist of a solid foam wrapped in a fabric cover. This traditional solid memory foam pillow has a major disadvantage, that is, this solid memory foam is bound to return to its original shape, the cuboid shape. If you feel uncomfortable in this shape, you can't change its shape. Because of this drawback of traditional memory foam pillows, shredded memory foam pillow is recommended to you.

As its name implies, shredded memory foam filling is simply torn into tiny pieces, and individual foam blocks can be moved independently so that pillows can be shaped. You can even make it into a down pillow. It will become any shape you want.

Compared with the traditional solid memory foam pillow, the shredded memory foam pillow has better air permeability. However, the pillow also has a disadvantage, because the air can flow inside the pillow, its thermal insulation will be greatly reduced. It certainly isn’t as breathable as buckwheat hulls or microbead pillow filling, but it isn’t an uncomfortable obstacle to good rest either. 

Shredded memory foam pillows are often called bamboo pillows. Because bamboo sounds like an environmentally friendly, safe raw material that can be used on pillows. Marketers love to use the word bamboo in their product descriptions; it appeals to eco-conscious consumers. 

How To Choose Memory Foam Pillow

1. The height of the pillow

According to research, it is appropriate for the average adult to have a pillow height of 8-13 cm. The state of the person who is sleeping should be the same as the state of the natural standing. If the pillow is too high, which is equivalent to lower your head while sleeping, the neck will ache. If the pillow is too low, which is equivalent to rising your head all night, it will press the neck muscles and cause non-circulation of blood. Therefore, the pillow is too high or too low is not good for health, in the selection of memory pillow, the first thing to consider is whether the height of the pillow is appropriate.

2. Rebound time

Memory foam pillows are usually slow rebound pillows. However, due to the different materials, the rebound time of high quality foam pillow and inferior foam pillow is different. The rebound time of high quality memory foam pillow is 3-5 seconds, the rebound time too fast or too slow are not good. Therefore, when buying memory foam pillows, be sure to test the rebound time.

3. Density

The density is one of the basic indicators of high-grade memory foam. High density memory foam pillow is not necessarily good quality, but high-grade memory foam pillow its density must be relatively high. The density of high quality memory foam materials is more than 150 kg / m³. Therefore, when selecting memory foam pillows, be sure to understand the density of pillows, which will directly affect the comfort of pillows.

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