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How to maximize your beauty sleep?

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Generally speaking, sleeping is a process of cultivating one's health and vigor. It is also a process of collecting and absorbing energy, while working and studying during the day is a process of releasing energy. We all know that the quality of sleep is closely related to your body's biological clock. Once the balance is disturbed, the bad skin condition will occur repeatedly. So many girls who love beauty will look for ways to maximize the efficacy of beauty.


1. Sleeping Time

The best bedtime should be from haishi (21-23 o'clock) to yinshi (3-5 o'clock). That means we should go to bed at 21 p.m. and get up at 5 a.m. If we go to sleep at this time, it can make our life without major illness. One common characteristic of centenarians is sleeping in haishi and waking in yinshi. Unfortunately, few modern people can do it, so there are fewer and fewer people with ruddy faces on the streets. Women should go to bed early and get up early if they want to keep a good sleeping face for a long time.


In addition to ensuring a good night's sleep, we also have to arrange for half an hour to fall asleep at noon. Nap is known as beauty sleep. The effect of beauty is obvious.


2. Correct tonic Sensation

It doesn't matter if you stay up late. You can make up for it by sleeping a whole day on the weekend? That's a terrible mistake! After staying up late, the correct way of toning up is to increase sleep time by about two hours every night for three consecutive nights.


3. Bedroom Away From Electronic Equipment

Harvard University's latest research has found that we should remove all kinds of electronic devices from the bedroom to keep the simplest design of the bedroom. Don't watch TV or work in the bedroom. Don't sit on the bed and play with the computer. Sleep quality will improve by 38%. The study also found that sleeping in such a bedroom, even if the sleep time is shortened by two hours, you will feel more energetic when you wake up.


4. Pay Attention To The Living Environment

The beds in the bedroom are also quite exquisite. It requires that the room should not be too bright or dark and maintain ventilation. No debris should be accumulated in the house. The bed should be empty and ventilated.


5. Pay Attention To Sleep Equipment

We should pay attention to the role of sleep equipment. Good sleep equipment is the guarantee of sleep. Overweight quilts can seriously affect the quality of sleep, because the process of turning over during sleep may be hindered, and the process of deep sleep may also be affected. In addition, the bedplate should not be too soft or too hard. Pillows should not be too high. They should be flexible and soft. We need to prepare a good mattress and pillow. It is better to choose memory foam pillow and memory foam mattress.


6. Don't Overeat At Night

If the dinner is too full, the burden of stomach and intestine will increase. The information of their intense work is constantly transmitted to the brain, causing insomnia and dreams. It is easy to cause neurasthenia and other diseases. At the same time, there must be part of the protein can not be digested and absorbed. In the role of intestinal bacteria, it will produce toxic substances. Moreover, the intestinal wall peristalsis slows down during sleep, which prolongs the retention time of these substances in the intestine, and it may promote the occurrence of colorectal cancer.


7. Correct Sleep Posture

The best position for sleep is to lie on the right side. Left supine and proper supine are the cooperation. Why do you want to lie on your side? Because both supine and prone will have a certain impact on the heart and lungs. Only when lying on the side, the internal organs of the human body are in a less stressed state. While breathing, the chest moves freely, the heart is not oppressed by arms and quilts, the legs flex and stretch easily, and the body turns freely. The reason for requiring the right side to lie down is that when we do that, the stomach and liver lean to the right side, the heart has no pressure and can circulate freely; if you choose the left side to lie down, the left side of the liver and stomach will naturally press on the heart, which will affect the heart.


If we want to maximize our beauty sleep, we should pay attention to the methods mentioned above. These tips will help you a lot.

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