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How to stop snoring

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Many people suffer from snoring in life, but most people don't know the cause of snoring. Here is an introduction to the causes of snoring and the ways to alleviate it.

The Cause of Snoring

Studies have shown that any sound needs to be produced by the movement of all kinds of muscles in the mouth, nasal cavity and pharynx. When people speak, they are pronounced by the air flow against the gap between the vocal cord of the throat, and then form various shapes of cavities by the muscles of the lips, tongue, cheek and jaw, so that the sound passes through with different tones before forming the language. In sleep, the muscles of the lips, tongue, cheek and jaw can not move at will, and the throat will be used as a passageway. If the passageway narrows and becomes a gap, then the air flow will make a sound when it passes through. This is snoring.

The Effect of Snoring

1. Affect the sleep of others:

Snoring people sleep deeper. But the sound of snorers affects others to sleep, making people in the same room not sleeping all night, dizzy the next day, unable to work and study.

2. Snoring and disease:

The study found that people who snore for a long time or who snore severely tend to be accompanied by sleep apnea syndrome. During the whole course of sleep, there is apnea and oxygen in the blood is reduced. Snorers inhale less oxygen when they sleep than normal people, and after a long time, their memory decreases. It has been measured that the memory function of snorers is indeed not as good as that of normal people, but the snorers themselves do not realize it.

Ways To Alleviate Snoring

1. Sleep on your side:

Sleeping on your side, especially on your right side, can avoid the tongue, soft palate, uvula relaxation and fall after sleep. This avoids aggravating the blockage of the upper airway. You can put a memory foam pillow on your back during sleep, the memory foam pillow can support your body and at the same time make you feel soft and comfortable, which helps to keep sleeping on your side.

2. Lose weight:

For obese people, weight loss can reduce the soft tissue of throat to a certain extent, thus increasing the ventilation of respiratory tract and fundamentally solving the problem of snoring.

3. Quit smoking and drinking:

Alcohol and tobacco can cause strong irritation to throat muscles, and when you fall asleep at night, the muscles become very tired and droop to block the respiratory tract.

4. Do not take sleeping pills:

Sleeping pills have the effect of inhibiting respiration. Snoring can easily lead to dyspnea, and if you take sleeping pills, they will cause asphyxiation and death at any time.

5. A cup of honey water before bed:

Honey water has a very good moisturizing effect for throat, drink a cup of honey water before going to bed, can make breathing more smooth, reduce snoring.

6. Surgical treatment:

Some patients with severe snoring will choose the way of surgery, the enlarged soft tissue of throat will be resected, the ventilation of respiratory tract will be improved rapidly, and the postoperative effect will be very obvious.

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