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Hydrophilic Foam

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What is Hydrophilic Foam?

Hydrophilic foam, also known as inert foam or second-generation memory foam, is a brand-new environmentally friendly material that integrates most of the advantages of memory foam and latex products on the market. completed. Its superior characteristics have been successfully applied in medical treatment, health care, bedding and furniture. At the same time, it has more advantages and competitiveness than traditional products. The hydrophilic foam is soft to the touch but has excellent support, good moisture absorption and moisture resistance, and does not harden at low temperature. At the same time, it can mold the body shape according to the weight and body temperature of the human body, and divide the pressure of the whole body equally. , reduce the soreness and discomfort caused by the compression of the contact point between the body and the bed, so that people can enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

Hydrophilic Foam material characteristics

Zero pressure: It can sense the temperature of the human body, shape the shape that completely conforms to the human body, give the human body the most complete and comfortable embrace and support, achieve a zero-pressure state, reduce the compression of blood vessels and nerves, thereby reducing the number of turning over and stiff neck, and achieving high-quality effect on sleep quality.

Breathability and heat dissipation: The open-cell molecular structure allows air to flow between the foam molecules, and the heat emitted by the human body and the air around the product are distributed into the air to achieve ventilation, heat dissipation, and prevent sultry heat.

Constant temperature: The contact surface between the pillow and the human body is always maintained at 36 degrees, which is the closest to the human body temperature, to avoid stuffy heat and sweating.

Low temperature does not harden: It can sense the temperature of the human body and shape, but it is rarely affected by the external temperature, and it still maintains a good comfort level in a low temperature environment. This is the biggest difference from ordinary memory foam.

Moisture absorption and moisture resistance: It can absorb moisture such as moisture and sweat in the air. At the same time, the open-pore molecular structure of the material has strong air permeability, which can quickly dissipate the absorbed moisture and keep the product dry and comfortable.

Soft and supportive: It feels very soft and skin-friendly, but it is also supportive, which can reduce the pressure between the scalp and the scalp and keep the blood circulation smooth.

Durable and durable: Density up to 100 is durable, saves money and avoids the hassle of replacement.

Safety and environmental protection: MDI foam is not afraid of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, TPI and halogen.

Antibacterial and anti-mite: The open-pore molecular cell structure inhibits the growth of bacteria and mites.

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