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Is your insomnia still saved?

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At present days, insomnia is something that many people have suffered. It is both emotionally and physically uncomfortable, and will cause irritability or illness. To solve it, we must learn the causes and symptoms to fight with it. Now let’s look at some related information.

About Causes

Physically and mentally: On the one hand, some medicines we take contain some ingredients that cause insomnia. If the medicine contains hormones, it will cause people to be more excited. The nerves keep in an excited state all night, and it is difficult to get into sleep. On the other hand, many people are busy with endless work and family chores all day. Therefore, they can't relax at night, leading to their insomnia.

Lifestyle: Many people have got bad habits, such as eating a lot or exercise vigorously before going to bed. Drinking too much coffee or tea will also do harm to your sleeping. Night work, nap during the day, irregular bedtime will also have influence in sleeping at night.

About Risks

If you feel difficult to fall asleep for a long time, or sleep lightly that can easily be waken up, you may be suffering from insomnia. Some are often awakened from nightmares, or still feel exhausted after long sleep. These symptoms also comes with palpitations, chest tightness, gastrointestinal discomfort and so on. You may become forgetful and have slower response to everything. The consequences of long-term insomnia are serious and bad for health.

About Solutions

What can we do to combat our insomnia? There are some solutions for you. You can choose and combine whatever fit you or being easy for you.

l Build comfortable and relaxing environment. A good environment is an useful way to start. Choose carefully from pillows to mattress. They can accompany you closely for a long time, so you must pay attention to it. Memory foam pillow and memory foam mattress are recommended for those who have sleeping troubles. They are popular recently for their health benefits. You can buy high quality memory foam pillow and mattress from topcps.com. They have variety choices and can be customized from material, functions and colors.

l Don’t use substances like caffeine, alcohol or tobacco before bed. Instead of relaxing you, these will actually stimulate you, making it more difficult for you to sleep.

l Do a massage. Massage can also be used to treat insomnia. This method is very effective in treating insomnia. When you feel quite tired, don't rush to sleep and give yourself a beauty massage. Under the light fingers of the beautician, your mind will relax with the facial muscles. Usually a two-hour massage is more relaxing than a down-sleep.

l Calm down in dimly lit conditions. Relaxing for the night should be done in dimly lit conditions, preferably without light from a television or electronics. Try not to engage in anything too stimulating. Read a book or listen to some light music.

Insomnia is very common. It’s typical to have a few bad nights of sleep here or there; this type of insomnia usually goes away when the stress goes away, or when you get used to a new environment.

But if you’ve had difficulty sleeping at least three nights a week for three months or more, you should consult a physician or sleep specialist. If insomnia is interfering with your daytime functioning, you need expert help.

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