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Misunderstanding of mattress maintenance

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Misunderstanding of mattress maintenance


Introduction: This article mainly introduces how to choose a suitable mattress and how to avoid the misunderstanding.


Is your mattress comfortable to sleep? Many consumers think that the mattresses they buy often fail to meet their own needs. In the morning, they got up and felt pain and discomfort. what is the reason? The reason may be that your mattress is not properly selected. Next, I will show you how to choose a good mattress and a normal mattress purchase error. I hope to help you buy a mattress that fits your comfort and health.



How to choose mattress


Mattresses made of natural materials, such as mountain brown, pure latex pads, are environmentally friendly, but their cost is high. Many counterfeiters often use compounds with excessive formaldehyde content or plastic foam pads to pretend to be natural mattresses. Pay attention to the high quality mattress and it will not smell pungent.


Looking at the quality of a mattress, the most intuitive, visually observable is the fabric on the surface. The high-quality fabric feels comfortable and flat, with no obvious wrinkles and no jumpers.


3.Internal materials

The quality of the mattress depends mainly on its internal materials and fillers, so observe the inherent quality of the mattress. You can observe the internal process, the number of main materials, such as whether the main spring reaches six turns, whether the spring is rusty, and whether the inside of the mattress is clean.

4.Breath ability

In general, wet places should choose a mattress with good air permeability. If the mattress is not breathable, it is easy to breed bacteria and mites, and it has health effects on children and the elderly who have poor resistance.

5. Personal preferences

Choose the right mattress for your personal preference. Common mattress types are latex mattresses, palm mattresses and spring mattresses. The latex mattress is soft and suitable for the elderly and children to sleep. Palm mattresses are harder and have a significant improvement in people with backache. Spring mattresses are more common and suitable for most people. However, it is also necessary to consider the design of the mattress according to your sleep posture, sleeping time and convenience of movement, otherwise it is difficult to achieve a comfortable sleep.


Misunderstanding of mattress maintenance

The heavier the weight of the mattress, the better? --- Many people think that would be better if the mattress is bigger, because it has a large amount of material and a lot of filler. However, each person's weight and sleeping posture are different, so the load-bearing performance is not very useful for the user. If you want to buy the right mattress, you must choose according to your weight, sleeping position and age.

The softer the mattress, the better? Many people think that the softer the mattress is, the more comfortable the person is lying and the state of rest and sleep will be better. In fact, the softness of the mattress should be built in combination with the curve of the back of the human body.  It may feel comfortable in a short period of time, but it will be more likely to collapse when used for a long time, causing the bones and muscles to be completely relaxed when the person is resting, and the quality of sleep will naturally be poor.

The higher the mattress, the better? When choosing a mattress, you can open the back zipper to see the structure of the mattress. It is not say a high mattress is good and low mattress is bad. This is based on your personal hobbies and family usage. The mattress may be just for the space to be lifted, so that the spring is more tensioned, and the soft and soft mattress can make the waist and other areas more relaxed and more supportive.


If this article is helpful to you, please click on us to learn more about mattress knowledge.


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