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Misunderstandings in the use of mattresses

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The mattress, as an intimate partner of a person, people will always use it according to their own habits. However, some habits may affect the effect of use and service life of the mattress, and thus affect the quality of sleep. Here are some misunderstandings about the use of the following mattress.

Sleep Directly On The Mattress

Some people sleep directly on mattresses in order to save the trouble of cleaning sheets. However, this allows the mattress to directly absorb about 500ml water lost on average per night of sleep and about 1.5 million dandruff cells metabolized every day. Over time, these water and dandruff cells permeate the mattress from outside to inside, polluting the mattress and making it a hotbed for mites and bacteria.

Countermeasures: before laying sheets, you can put a protective pad on the mattress, not only to protect the mattress, but also to increase comfort.

Never Clean The Mattress

Mattresses that have not been washed for a long time can breed a large number of mites, after all, one mites can add value to 300 in three months. Spilled drinks, residual food, etc. will provide favorable conditions for the breeding of bacteria and mites.

Countermeasures: you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress each time you replace the sheets. If you accidentally set the mattress, dry the moisture with a towel or paper towel and blow it dry with a hairdryer. You can also ask for a professional cleaning team to clean sites on a regular basis. Memory foam mattress can be used, memory foam mattress can effectively inhibit mites and bacteria breeding, reduce the number of cleaning. At the same time, the comfort of memory foam mattress is better than that of ordinary mattress, which makes people sleep better.

Never Overturn The Mattress

Spring mattresses have a feature, if you always sleeping on one side, mattresses are prone to uneven situations. If you sleep in one position for a long time, the wear of spring will be more serious. This not only affects the comfort of sleep, but also affects the service life.

Countermeasures: sleep regularly on different sides of the mattress, which is conducive to uniform force on the mattress and prevent local collapse.

Never Tear Off The Protective Film of The Mattress

In order to ensure that the new mattress is not contaminated during transportation, a protective film is usually put on the outside of the mattress. Many consumers don't want to smudge the mattress, and they think that wearing a protective film can not only avoid the breeding of mites. But also prevent moisture and humidity, but this is actually wrong. The mattress covered with the protective film is rather air-impermeable, more prone to moisture, mildew, and even stinking.

Countermeasures: before using the mattress, tear off the protective film, put the mattress in the air-circulating place for a period of time, make the mattress internal ventilation, and keep it dry.

Use Blankets As Sheets

Use unused blankets directly as sheets, basically every family has done it, after all, it is convenient and save money. But in fact, this is also wrong. Blankets are thicker than sheets and more sultry to sleep on them. And blankets fall off fabric fiber more easily than mattresses, which dirty the mattresses.

Countermeasures: Sheets are utilized to protect protect mattresses. Sheets are not only the spacer between mattresses and human bodies, but also protect mattresses from being directly polluted to some extent.

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