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Pillows are not meant to "rest" your head

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In our everyday perception, a pillow, as the name suggests, is a pillow that is placed under the head to make the head slightly higher when lying down.But are pillows really just pillows, as they are literally meant to be?

Pillows don't just rest on heads

In fact, pillows are not just for pillows. If you sleep with your head on a pillow, you're doing it wrong.Many people have poor sleep because they put their head on the wrong pillow when they sleep.Simply using a pillow to cushion the head will cause the cervical vertebra between the shoulder and the pillow to be suspended, so that the neck muscles can not be completely relaxed and rest, resulting in neck soreness and muscle strain when sleeping, and even difficult to fall asleep in serious cases.

One of the keys to good sleep quality is to use the right pillow and make it work as it should.When you sleep, place your head and neck on a pillow, with the pillow supporting your head and neck and keeping your neck in a normal curve position for the pillow to function.If you simply put your head on a pillow in the wrong position, no matter how expensive or good the pillow is, it won't help.

To choose the right height to sleep well

In addition to the correct "pillow posture", choose a suitable height pillow is also the most important to ensure the quality of sleep, pillow too high or too low will cause harm to the body.Studies show that too high pillow will block the normal blood circulation of the head, easy to lead to cerebral hypoxia, causing snoring, stiff pillow and other problems, hypertension, cervical spondylosis and spinal disorders patients can not use a high pillow;And too low pillow is easy to cause eyelid and facial edema, asthma, lung disease, heart disease people can not use low pillow.

Scientific, comfortable pillow height is the physiological curve that arranges according to human body cervical vertebra to determine, maintain its normal physiology to bend only, the joint that ability lets shoulder and neck, muscle, ligament is in relax a state, get better rest.Under normal circumstances, pillow height with slightly under the shoulder to the same side of the neck distance is appropriate, probably in 8-15 cm, or by formula calculation :(shoulder width - head width) ÷2.

Sleeping position also needs to be considered when choosing a pillow

Different sleeping positions require different pillow heights and should be taken into account when choosing a pillow.Habit supine the person that sleeps, pillow height had better be 8, 13 cm (probably the height of a fist), in the meantime, knee lower part also can pad a pillow, alleviate vertebral pressure.The person that habit side lies to sleep, pillow height is appropriate with the width of individual shoulder, be in probably 13, 15 cm between, let cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra maintain in same level line almost.People who like to sleep on their stomach can choose a very thin pillow or not. At the same time, in order to avoid lower back pain, it is best to put a thin pillow on the abdomen, but it is usually not recommended to take the prone sleeping position.

Soft and hard, flexibility can also affect the quality of sleep

The qualitative quality of the pillow, pillow, soft and hard degree also can produce an effect to our morpheus, pillow core should choose quality of a material soft and loose thing, make soft and hard moderate, the pillow with a bit of flexibility had better.Pillow too hard will make the head and neck and pillow contact parts of the pressure increase, resulting in head discomfort;The pillow is too soft, it is difficult to maintain the normal height, the head and neck can not be certain support and fatigue.In addition, the pillow should have appropriate elasticity, if the pillow elasticity is too strong, the head gets adductive elastic action ceasingly, produce muscle fatigue and injury, be like "spring pillow" "gas pillow" etc, cannot be the pillow that is conducive to health.

Having said so much, the importance of pillows for sleep is self-evident, choosing a suitable pillow can not only improve the shoulder and neck pain and other discomfort symptoms, but also improve the quality of sleep.A variety of pillows on the market, a variety of varieties, the price is also very different, the choice should be combined with their own circumstances, the choice of the most suitable for their own.

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