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Scientific natural sleep therapy

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Insomnia is a complete modern curse for us. Our lives are busier than ever. Even if not for work overtime, we will stay at home and stare at the phone until the moment we want to sleep.

Under the pressure of modern life, we can't guarantee that we can get the right relaxation at night. Our sleep quality has also decreased naturally due to the devastating problems of social media, video games and family life.

How do you find time to make sure you get a good night's sleep? Here are several scientific natural sleep treatments that can help improve your sleep quality.

Choose Comfortable Bedding

The bed is where we sleep, so first make sure it's comfortable. Memory foam mattresses and memory foam pillows are good choices. The memory foam mattress has the characteristic of slow resilience so that it does not have strong resilience when it is under pressure. Under the action of pressure, the memory foam mattress can make the pressure balance on the contact point between the human body and the mattress, so that the neck, shoulder and waist can be completely relaxed. Memory foam pillows are designed according to ergonomics and are automatically molded to fix the head and reduce the possibility of stiff neck. The function of automatic molding can fill the shoulder gap properly and can effectively prevent cervical vertebra problems.

Turn Off Your Electronic Device

The blue light emitted by these electronic devices can inhibit the production of melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone, leading to insomnia. This effect is more pronounced than exposure to the light on the TV screen, because we put smartphones and other electronic devices next to our faces, increasing the exposure of blue light.


Although it's tempting to play with your smartphone in bed, it's not good for you. Staring at these devices instead suppresses melatonin. So, why don't you read books before you go to bed? Spending an hour reading before going to bed is a good way to finish some books you haven't finished, and it's also a good way to calm your head and prepare you for sleep at night.

Regular Exercise

Do you want to fall asleep faster and feel better when you wake up?  Just 10 minutes of aerobic exercise, such as walking or cycling, can significantly improve the quality of your sleep at night, especially when it goes on a regular basis.

Intake of Magnesium

Studies have shown that magnesium can increase the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain, while GABA is responsible for slowing your mind and helping you fall asleep. Foods rich in magnesium allow you to eat enough magnesium, including: green vegetable, dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, banana and grain.

Quit Alcohol

It seems normal if you want to have a drink to relax after a hard day's work. But the truth is, alcohol can also disrupt your sleep. Circadian rhythm occurs naturally every 24 hours. Alcohol has proved to interfere with the process. It also greatly increases the probability of snoring. So consider not to drink at night, or to minimize the amount of alcohol.

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