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Skills to help babies get a good sleep

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Babies have shallow sleep more frequently in the first few months of birth. They wake up more often at night, almost twice as often as adults, or even once an hour. So, mothers should stop complaining that their children are always crying every day. There are physical reasons for them to wake up frequently.

Basic knowledge of baby’s sleep

1. The baby's sleep cycle is shorter than that of adults, and the shallow sleep time is longer.

2. Sleeping for five hours in a row is already a good sleep for the baby.

3. When babies are 0-6 months old, they usually wake up two or three times a night, when babies are 6-12 months old, they wake up once or twice a night, and when babies are 1-2 months old, they wake up once a night.

4. The baby's sleep habits are more determined by his personality than by his parents' night care. 

5. You can't force your baby to sleep. Creating a safe and comfortable sleeping environment is the best way to develop a long-term good sleeping habit. Frequently hush your baby to sleep is not a good way.

6. Don't feed your baby too much before you go to bed, which is not good for sleep.

How to help babies get a good sleep

1. Urge the baby to sleep regularly

Most babies can't sleep well because they don't form a biological clock, so they don't sleep regularly. Parents should train their babies to form biological clocks when they are young, so that they can form a habit of sleeping at night. If the baby is still asleep in the morning, it's better to wake him up, which helps him form a day's biological clock. Babies need to develop regular sleeping time and replenish sleep through daytime naps.

2. Don't let the baby starve

Make sure you feed your baby enough so they don't often wake up hungry. Keeping an eye on the amount of food you feed your baby. Proper amounts of food can help them develop their sleep time naturally without waking up hungry.

3. Singing lullabies or telling stories

As you know, babies need a soothing voice to sleep. It took them nine months to listen to Mom and Dad, so don't be afraid to sing lullabies or read stories. Whether your voice is good or not, they won't judge you.

4. A safe and comfortable bed environment

The poor sleep of a baby is inextricably linked to his sleep environment. Creating a safe and comfortable environment on the baby's cot is the best way to solve the problem of waking up at night. Installing memory foam mattresses and memory foam pillows on your baby's cot is a good choice. Adding a soft memory foam pillow to both sides of the baby can prevent the baby from waking up at night and kicking a hard object and getting hurt. In addition, the memory foam mattress can properly wrap the baby and make the baby think it's the mother's arms, then he can sleep safely. 

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