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"Sleep axis" determines your sleep

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  As is known to all, a comfortable sleep environment is important for sleep. Memory foam mattress and memory foam pillow can provide a cozy space for us to have a good rest. However, sometimes, we might realize that people have different sleep quality even in the same environment. We can know that this is affected by our brain. However, we don’t know what influences our sleep in detail. In this passage, we will introduce sleep axis which determines our sleep.

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  The sleep axis determines your sleep. Why do some people sleep peacefully under any circumstances, while others wake up again and again? To explain the age-old mystery of sleep, scientists have found an important clue through a number of experiments. Jeffrey Ellenbogen’s team of Harvard School of Medicine in Boston analyzed brainwave patterns of 12 volunteers during three nights of sleep in a noisy laboratory. The volunteers spent the first night in the lab without any distractions, but the second and third nights in the lab were filled with the usual hospital noises: ringing phones, human voices and other medical equipment. Then, Ellenbogen and his team scanned the brains of volunteers. Scientists have discovered that the thalamus, which is the gateway to the brain, controls the flow of sensory information into the brain. A brief electrical activity in the thalamus called the sleep axis blocks out external sounds from reaching the rest of the brain and keeps them in good sleep.

That is to say, people who are light sleepers and wake up easily have far less of a "sleep axis" during sleep than those who are deep sleepers. People with good sleep have brain patterns that block out distracting information when they're asleep. Jeffrey Ellenbogen, from the Harvard School of Medicine in Boston, explains that by measuring the movement of brain waves during sleep, they may shed light on the extent to which the brain's ability to block out sounds negatively affects sleep. The more "sleep axes" the brain produces, the more likely it is to stay asleep despite noise. Research data shows that the number of "sleep axis" directly affects the screening effect. Although researchers don't know exactly what steps to take to increase the "sleep axis". Behavioral techniques, drug effects or electronic devices are all good options. And guaranteeing cozy sleep environment is also a good choice.

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No matter how many sleep axes people can produce, good sleep is influenced a lot by the environment. For deep sleepers, cozy environment makes them feel more comfortable and sleep better. For light sleepers, comfortable sleeping environment can reduce the times they awake and provide better sleep quality so that they can rest well. Memory foam mattress and memory foam pillow are soft and most important, it is suitable for people with different figures. Because they can change according to your figure, which make it more comfortable compared with traditional mattress and pillow. If you are interested in memory foam mattress and memory foam pillow, you can click https://www.topcps.com/Body-and-All-pl3474265.html to learn about more details.

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