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Sleep problems in adults may affect baby's sleep quality

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After the baby is born, many parents like to let the baby sleep with themselves, one of the reasons is to be able to take care of the child more conveniently, the second is not to worry about the baby kicking the quilt and catching a cold. At the same time, the babies will have more sense of security when sleeping with the parents, and the babies are inherently dependent on their parents. But not all parents are apt to sleep with their babies, the following four types of parents, try to sleep with their babies as little as possible.

Parents After Drinking

Drinking parents must not sleep with their baby, because alcohol can paralyze people's nerves, when sleeping with the baby, it is likely that they will not be able to sense the baby's situation in time because of their peculiar dullness. And most of the behavior after drunkenness is unconscious, which is most likely to harm the baby. So if one of the parents drinks, don't let him sleep with the baby.

Obese, Insomnia-prone Parents

When parents are too obese, they are likely to accidentally crush their babies because they turn over when sleeping. But it's hard for parents to achieve this kind of obesity. If parents have insomnia, just try to sleep with your baby. Because parents turn over frequently in bed when they lose sleep, it is not difficult to interfere with the baby and affect his sleep status.

Parents Who Like To Sleep In Soft Beds

It is pleasure to rest in a soft bed after working all day. But if you have been a parent, don't sleep on a soft bed, because the baby is not fit to sleep in a soft bed. The baby's skeleton is low in calcium and is in a newborn state. The body needs a hard bed to guide, while the spongy bed may cause skeleton deformation and affect body development.

If you feel uncomfortable with a solid bed, you can put a cushion on the surface of the bed. In addition, parents are advised that the pillow for the baby should be not too high, it is easy to cause baby hunchback.

Smoking Parents

According to studies, smokers sleeping with their babies increases the baby’s risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Because the drugs in cigarettes can make people sleep so heavily that you don't even realize it when you pin your baby.

Moreover, there will be some harmful odors or substances left in smokers. Babies inhaled harmful substances, such as tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and so on, which will increase the chance of lower respiratory tract infection, and may also cause asthma and affect the development of baby's intelligence. Therefore, it is recommended that parents who smoke should sleep less with their babies.

When the baby sleeps, make sure the crib surface is flat. At the same time do not put too fluffy doll, pillow, silk scarves and other items in the bed to prevent the situation of infant suffocation. Memory foam mattresses and memory foam pillows are advised for babies. Mattresses and pillows made of this material support babies' skeletons and enable them to develop normally. At the same time, this material can also inhibit the breeding of mites and ensure the health of babies.

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