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Some tips for getting good sleeping on the plane

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Can you have a good night's sleep on a long-distance flight? When we talk about sleeping on a plane, most people agree that it is difficult to sleep in such an environment: a narrow space, a seat that lacks comfort, an annoying broadcast sound, other passengers have been whispering, etc... but in fact, It’s not difficult to enter a dream on the plane. Let’s take a look at the following tricks!

1.Book a window seat

The window seat reduces the likelihood of being disturbed by the beverage cart and the adjacent seats. Moreover, there are places on the head that can be relied upon. Choose the seat for the emergency exit, let the feet have space to stretch, do not sit near the bathroom.

2.Prepare the necessary sleeping equipment

If you are in economy class, then preparing a memory foam pillow is too important for a quiet sleep. Sleeping goggles, earplugs, comfortable socks, a blanket or an oversized shawl are essential items. It is even better if there is a noise-proof earphone that can isolate the baby's crying, radio and talking sounds.

3.Refuse free wine

You may think that a glass of wine will make you sleep quickly, but in fact, drinking alcohol will speed up dehydration and poor sleep quality. You can choose boiled water or soothing chamomile tea. Don't eat too much, it will make it harder for you to fall asleep. Also don't eat salty snacks because sodium can cause bloating.

4.Eating blackened food

You can stock up on some blackened pills that regulate sleep hormones to help you fall asleep. You can also eat melatonin-containing foods such as bananas, oatmeal, cherries, etc. Don't eat chocolate and raspberries, it will let your spirits uplift.

5.Away from the screen

Watching TV on the plane is easy to pass the time, but the blue light from the screen keeps your brain awake, because blue light prevents the pineal gland in the brain from releasing melatonin, a drowsy hormone, it will upset your biological clock.

6.Put on the right clothes and sleep

Be sure to wear loose and comfortable clothes for long trips. Being mentally prepared will also make you feel more cozy and comfortable. A suit is definitely the least suitable for sleeping at night, and wearing a soft and comfortable dress is easier to fall asleep.

7.Relax yourself

Pay close attention to your natural breathing, empty your thoughts and relax, listen to soothing music or try out a visual imagination – imagine yourself staying in a place you like. When you practice breathing techniques, focu on this quiet scene, and soon you will relax your stress and fall asleep.

8.Away from the light source

One of the factors that hinder sleep is the light. After the plane takes off, pull down the window visor to reduce the sun's eye irritation. The quickest way is to use the eye mask. If you don't want to wear a blindfold, the hat is also a good choice. Keeping it in front of the face can also reduce the light on your eyes and make it easier to fall asleep.

9.Spraying helps to fall asleep better

You can bring a light aromatherapy lavender spray, but don't let the surrounding passengers smell strange. Spray on a pillow or blanket before going to bed,which can also help you cover up the unpleasant smell of food in the cabin.

10.Stretching the body

Aircraft seats are generally narrow and can be very uncomfortable in the seat for a long time. You can walk back and forth a few times in the aisle of the aircraft.Stretching your arms and pulling your legs, which will promote blood circulation and prevent blood clots from solidifying in the legs.

Do you have any other tips for sleeping on other planes? Welcome to communicate with us.

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