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Some tips for traveling with your dog

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Most people love to travel.However,when you leave your dog at home,you may miss her desperately when you are away. So whenever you are traveling by car, try to bring her along. For people who cannot help themselves and love pets way too much, a family vacation just wouldn't be a family vacation when there are no furry members of their family around. Family is family, and everybody goes together. Long trips with your dogs can become a little more complicated and planning everything ahead of time is the best way to avoid disasters, experienced “pet travelers” say.

Bring Your Dog's Identification Information

Make sure you bring identification for your dog with your dog's name, your name, your main phone number and proof of rabies shots. If you plan on being at a certain destination for more than a week, you may even consider purchasing another identification tag that has the location and phone number of your vacation destination.


Traveling with Your Dog Packing List

1. Food–Depending on how long you’re traveling for, make sure to bring the whole bag of dog food or measure out what you think you’ll need for the trip (plus a few extra scoops just in case). Changing your dog’s food is something you should do gradually so it’s never a good idea to just bank on buying food there. You feed Raw Blend Kibble and besides the fact that it’s grain-free, made from organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed or cage-free meat, dogs absolutely loves it! Travel and change can be a lot for animals so you try to keep everything as comfortable and familiar as possible, including keeping him on the same healthy diet. To learn more about what you should be feeding your dog, check out this post.


2. Bring food and water dishes –Depending on where you’re traveling you bring a portable, pop-up dish for your dog or bring his food and water dishes from home.


3. Dog bed of some sort – you put dog bed in the back seat and the dog lounges and sleeps like royalty being chauffeured across the country.

4. Crate if applicable. Dog’s crate is his safe space so you usually pack it if you can. It’s great to have the option to put him in his crate when you run out for a meal or an adventure and you don’t have to worry about him in the hotel or friend/family’s home.


5. Toys – You almost never leave home without a tennis ball because it is endless entertainment for the dog and it’s tiny so there’s no excuse not to pack it.


6. Treats and bones – You always keep treats on hand to reward dogs– both at home and traveling. After being a champ in the car he definitely gets a few Carnivore Crunch pieces.


7. Collar, leash, harness – whatever you usually use for your dog!


8. Medication OR Supplements – if applicable!


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