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Some ways to get better sleep

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Insomnia can be very painful for many people. Their mental state is poor after bad sleep, which brings a lot of trouble to daily life and is very disadvantageous to health. As a result, his or her physical condition is getting worse and worse. He or she also looks much older than her peers. Now let's explain the dangers of not sleeping well.


First, we will feel relaxed both physically and mentally when we rest well. Because when the human body is in the sleep state, the person's breathing will become gentle, some organs are in the rest state, the metabolism function is still continuing, and the synthesis of the protein that makes up brain tissue and the supplement of the substance that consumes is beneficial to the development of the nervous system. The next day we are full of energy. If we don't sleep well, we might feel unconscious. The advice is to have a good rest.

Second, it will cause obesity. Because poor sleep can cause a drop in the body's levels of lipoprotein, which is one of the factors that affects hunger. When sleep is bad, the person's disappear fat protein concentration can rise, so that appetite can increase.

 Third, cause hair loss and forgetfulness. When you don't sleep well, it affects your hair, too. Basically it is a result of human body endocrine maladjustment, which cause sebaceous gland to secrete overmuch or character of sebaceous gland to change. As a result, the hair can drop greatly. What’s more, we might often forget things. In some serious cases, there may be some safety problems like traffic accidents, electrical accidents and so on.


So how can we get good sleep? Here are nine ways to sleep well. 1.Stick to a regular schedule and don't sleep too late on weekends. If you sleep late on Saturday and wake up late on Sunday, you may suffer from insomnia on Sunday night.

2.Don't eat or drink too much before going to bed. Eat a small amount of dinner about two hours before going to bed, and don't drink too much water, because going to the toilet repeatedly at night will affect the quality of sleep. Avoid spicy, greasy foods at night, because these foods can also interfere with sleep.

3. Avoid coffee and nicotine before bed. It is recommended that you do not drink coffee eight hours before bed.

4. Choose a time to exercise. Exercise in the afternoon is good to help you sleep, and regular physical activity improves the quality of your nighttime sleep.

5. Keep room temperature slightly cool. A cooler bedroom helps you sleep.

6. Sleep late at night. Napping during the day can lead to sleep deprivation at night. Sleep is strictly limited to less than one hour during the day time, and you should not sleep after 3 p.m.

7. Comfortable bed. A comfortable bed provides you with a good sleep space. Also, make sure the bed is spacious enough. The memory foam mattress and memory foam pillow will make you feel comfortable and improve you sleeping quality a lot.                                                                                                                                            8. Shower before bed. A hot bath before bed will help relax your muscles and make you sleep better.

9. Don't rely on sleeping pills. Always consult your doctor before taking sleeping pills and recommend that you take them for no more than four weeks.

Finally, experts caution against putting stress on yourself when you suffer from insomnia, because stress can make you even more sleepless

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