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Take good care of your neck and lumbar vertebrae, pillows and mattresses are exquisite

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People spend at least 1/3 of their time in bed every day. If they do not sleep properly or choose pillows and mattresses that are not suitable for them, it is easy to cause or aggravate cervical spondylosis and lumbar spine disease.Many older people have the idea that the harder the mattress, the better for the spine, but this is not the case.So how do you choose your pillow and mattress?Listen to the advice of Zhang Zhongmin, director of the spinal surgery department at the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University.


Pillows are soft, breathable and adjustable

At present, there are different pillows on the market: Pu velvet pillow, kapok pillow, animal hair pillow, buckwheat pillow, cassia pillow, rubber pillow, memory cotton pillow, bamboo pillow, rattan pillow, porcelain pillow and so on.The pillow of different qualitative ability has advantage and shortcoming each, a principle should be remembered when choosing a pillow: soft, breathable, adjustable.

(1) avoid high pillow, not only in sleep, in the daily rest, such as bed reading, watching mobile phone, watching TV and so on, try to avoid the use of high pillow.In high occiput state, the curvature of head and neck lordosis is increased. Not only the muscles in front of the vertebral body and the anterior longitudinal ligament are prone to fatigue due to excessive tension, but also cause chronic injury.At the same time, the ligamentum flavum in the back of the spinal canal can protrude forward into the spinal canal, so that the spinal canal increases the pressure from behind.

(2) avoid no pillow, no pillow makes the head and neck in the state of extension, easy to make the posterior ligamentum flavum into the spinal canal, so that the compression and stimulation of the spinal cord, especially the spinal stenosis.

(3) appropriate ingot shaped pillow.As for the shape of the pillow, the best choice should be low in the middle and high at both ends of the ingot shape.Because it can use the middle depression to maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, the head and neck can play a relative brake and fixed role, reduce abnormal activities in sleep.Next can choose flat pillow.However, it is forbidden to choose hills with high middle and low ends.


The harder the mattress, the better

Many older people have the idea that the harder the mattress, the better for the spine, but this is not the case.Zhang zhongmin introduces, mattress should choose soft and hard moderate, general choice deformation is better in the mattress of 5 centimeters, can prevent the skin to press already red, have certain comfort sex again.Too soft mattress may cause cervical physiological bending changes resulting in neck discomfort, too hard may appear serious skin soft tissue compression.The choice of mattess qualitative material is very much also, different qualitative material has different characteristic.

Shed bed: the biggest shortcoming is because of the oppression of human body weight and form central low, the state with tall 4 sides.When the knitting is relaxed, the tension of the lateral muscles of the waist and back is increased, and the body position of the head and neck is in a relatively elevated position.

Steel wire spring bed: not suitable for cervical spondylosis and other spinal injuries.

Wooden bed with steel frame: can maintain the balance of the spine and benefit patients with spinal or lower limb injuries.

Bagged spring mattress: according to the different parts of the human body load size and the characteristics of the human curve, the choice of different specifications in the elastic spring reasonable arrangement, in order to achieve the function of maintaining the human body physiological curve.

Other mattresses: foam plastic mattress, ventilation is too poor;Air mattress or water bed, the mattress through the flow of gas or water to adjust the negative focus of the patient's body, suitable for severe paralysis, emaciated, elderly patients, but the price is expensive.

Are you sleeping in the right position?

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