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The Harm Of Lack Of Sleep

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In 1942, our average sleep time per night was 8 hours; today, this number is reduced to 6.8 hours. Lauren F. Friedman, a senior reporter who has worked in professional media such as "Psychology Today" and "Scientific American", believes that although people know the importance of sleep, most of them do not understand what it will bring if sleep is not enough. Serious consequences. The well-known American technology website "Business Insider" recently published Friedman's article, which lists 20 hazards from multi-country research.


1. Grumpy: When people focus on something, they will produce negative emotions if they are interrupted. Israeli researchers have found that lack of sleep amplifies this negative emotion.


2. Low mood: Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kneman found in his research that one of the two major factors that affect people's mood is sleep. In addition, studies have confirmed that people with good sleep quality at night have more positive emotions, and vice versa.


3. Headache: Scientists are still unable to find out the reason behind the headache, but research has found that 36% to 58% of people who do not sleep well will have headache symptoms when they wake up.


4. Weight gain: In people who have insufficient sleep, hormones in the body will be unbalanced, appetite will increase, want to eat high-calorie foods, and the ability to control impulsive behavior will also decrease. These factors may cause rapid weight gain.


5. Blurred vision: The less sleep time, the easier it is to cause visual deviation, dark vision, unclear vision, and even hallucinations.


6. Slow response: Insufficient sleep will also make your response to outside things dull.


7. Inarticulate: According to research, if you do not sleep for 36 consecutive hours, it is easy to reuse the same words, slow speed, and ambiguity when talking, much like the drunken person talking.


8. High risk of car accidents: Unconscious people drive cars, as dangerous as drunk driving.


9. Easily get sick: If you don't get enough sleep for a long time, your body's immunity will decline. If you are frequently infected with a cold, it is likely to be the cause of insufficient sleep. Studies have shown that people who sleep less than 7 hours a day for two consecutive weeks are three times more likely to catch a cold than people who sleep more than 8 hours.


10. The effectiveness of the vaccine is weakened: when the vaccine is inadequate for sleep, its effectiveness will be reduced due to poor immunity.



11. More fear of pain: Many studies have shown that if you do not sleep enough at night, the human body's sensitivity to pain will increase, and the tolerance for pain will decrease.


12. Decreased learning ability: Short-term memory is one of the key factors that determine learning effectiveness. For those who lack sleep, short-term memory ability will be weakened, which will affect the learning effect. In addition, Italian research has confirmed that it is difficult to concentrate without enough sleep.


13. Easy to forget: The less you sleep, the easier you will forget. In old age, the risk of cognitive impairment will increase.


14. Doing things wrong all the time: Studies have found that not sleeping all night can result in a 20% to 32% increase in number errors. People who do not sleep well are also prone to financial losses when making investment decisions.


15. Gastrointestinal problems: American studies have found that lack of sleep is likely to cause inflammatory bowel disease; people with Crohn's disease (intestinal disease), if they do not sleep enough, the risk of recurrence will be doubled.


16. Decreased libido: Lack of sleep will reduce the secretion of testosterone in the body, resulting in decreased libido.


17. High risk of diabetes: Insufficient sleep will affect insulin resistance and aggravate type 2 diabetes; in addition, some studies have found that lack of sleep is associated with diabetes.


18. High risk of heart disease: Compared with people who sleep for 8 hours, people who only sleep for 4 hours a day will have much higher blood pressure and are more likely to suffer from heart disease.


19. High risk of cancer: The current research is still at an early stage regarding the relationship between sleep and cancer, but from the current results, lack of sleep does increase the risk of cancer, especially colorectal cancer and breast cancer.


20. High risk of death: The biggest risk for people who lack sleep for a long time is that the risk of death in a short period of time increases significantly.

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