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The Harm of Acarids

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Acarids are a class of small animals with a body size of about 0.5 mm, some as small as 0.1 mm, and most of them are less than 1 mm. It has been found that acarids are closely related to human health. Acarids can invade the skin and seriously endanger human health.

Harm of Acarids To Human Beings And The Removal Methods

Toxins released from acarids bite and proteins in their excreta can cause allergies, papular urticaria and skin festering. In addition, it can drill into the pores of the skin, hide in the depths of hair follicles, causing acne and other skin diseases.

The excreta and corpses of acarids are allergen, which can induce allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma when these excreta and corpses enter the air and breathe into the respiratory tract of the human body. 

Acarids are seriously harmful to human health, so it is important to eliminate acarids. Here are some ways to eliminate mites. 

Exercise, appropriate exercise can promote the excretion of acarids, but also achieve the effect of exercise.

Pay attention to the cleaning of the bed sheets, soak the bed sheets in boiling water for 10 minutes, it can reduce the acarids on them. 

Pay attention to indoor ventilation, dry and ventilated environment is not conducive to the existence of acarids. To thoroughly prevent indoor acarids, it is necessary to keep indoor ventilation and light transmission.

Choose memory foam pillow and memory foam mattress, memory foam material has antibacterial, but also can inhibit acarids breeding. 

Harm of Acarids To Pets And The Removal Methods

In addition to humans, dogs are also extremely sensitive to acarids, acariasis is one of the most common diseases in dogs. The main symptoms of acariasis in dogs are local itching and hair removal. Because of itching, the dog will unconsciously scratch the skin. In this way, it is easy to break the skin, cause wound infection, which in turn leads to inflammation and other diseases, so acarids are very harmful to dog.

We must pay attention to the daily hygiene of dogs, often clean the kennel, remove the dirt and dust in time, and keep the kennel dry. Or buy a kennel made of memory foam for dogs. Memory foams have the function of inhibiting the growth of acarids and can reduce the risk of acariasis in dogs.

Don't take dogs to dirty grass when walking the dog, which can greatly reduce the risk of acariasis infection. 

Often bathe the dog, do not use human bath lotion when bathing the dog, but use dog shampoo, otherwise it will take away the fat on their body surface, destroy the acid-base balance, and lead to low immunity. Dry their hair after bathing in time, especially in the inner layer, otherwise the humid environment will easily encourage the reproduction of acarids.

Let the dog go out for more exercise and bask in the sun regularly, feed the dog regularly, supplement vitamin B appropriately, this can improve the corporeity and immunity of the dog.

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