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The Importance of Sleep

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Sleep is an indispensable part of human life. As the World Health Organization report says, sleep, like air, food and water, is a basic necessity of human life. Many experts believe that adults need to sleep at least seven to nine hours a night. Not getting enough sleep can damage people's health and cause some other problems. So, what are the benefits of sleep?

Eliminate Fatigue In The Body And Brain

Whether it is manual labor or office work, the human brain has been active and consumes a lot of energy, and it is very necessary to eliminate fatigue and sleep. It often takes more sleep to eliminate the fatigue of the brain than to eliminate the fatigue of the body.

Eliminate Pressure

Feeling stressed, in fact, can also be said to be in a tired state of the brain. Just as some people say, "nasty things, get some sleep and forget," sleep can rest the tired brain, and sleep is a very effective way to relieve stress. Regular chronic sleep deficit can cause stress to accumulate slowly, and can also lead to mental illness such as early depression.

The growth and development of the body and the prevention of aging

Sleep is an important period of hormone production. In the growth and development of adolescents, the secret of growing up is to have enough sleep. In addition, growth hormones are also important for adults, and play an important role in the repair and regeneration of aging skin, wounds, and other body tissues, as well as fat burning, so good sleep can stay young and prevent aging.

Prevent Disease

During sleep, white blood cells and red blood cells are produced in bone marrow that can promote blood circulation and improve body resistance and immunity. Sleep also relieves the burden on the heart, which allows the heart to rest. Good sleep can help the body produce fresh blood, secrete growth hormones that promote metabolism, and so on, and prevent all kinds of diseases.

Improve Memory And Learning Efficiency

During sleep, the human brain collates what happens on the same day and what it learns, and leaves it in the head as a memory. In the shallow sleep, our brain can carry on all kinds of information collation. Shallow sleep usually appears periodically after about 3 hours of sleep, which can deepen memory. If you want to have a good learning effect in the exam, you should maintain at least 3 hours of sleep. Review all night before the exam, so that you can't give full play to your learning effect, and you may not be able to achieve good learning goals.

Protect People's Mental Health

Sleep is very important to protect people's mental health and maintain their normal psychological activities. Because a short period of poor sleep, there will be attention loss, and a long time of poor sleep can lead to unreasonable thinking and other anomalies.

Beneficial To The Skin

During sleep, the circulation of skin capillaries increases, and its secretion and clearance are strengthened, which accelerates the regeneration of skin, so sleep is beneficial to skin beauty.

In order to have a good sleep, it is important to choose the right bedding. Memory foam pillows and memory foam mattresses are good choices. Memory foam mattress has the characteristics of soft and zero pressure. Memory foam pillows can give good support to the neck, reduce the incidence of cervical spondylosis, and improve sleep quality.

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