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The dog insists not to sleep in the dog bed? Learn 3 ways to make it fall in love

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Dogs' nature and way of thinking are different from humans, and they can't speak human words, so they can't fully understand it. So when I bought a kennel for my dog for the first time, I was so embarrassed! After painstakingly comparing various materials, shapes, etc., it took a few days to find a suitable kennel. After I bought it, I found that dogs don't like sleeping in kennels at all! Cat owners may be even more desperate. Cats don’t like cat litters at all, but prefer cardboard boxes for cat litters.


It's winter, and some owners have bought comfortable kennel beds for their dogs, but the dogs don’t care when they buy them. They should sleep on the ground or on the ground.

Although some large double-haired dogs, such as huskies and Alaskan dogs, have thick enough hair to keep out the cold, they can sleep wherever they want, and the owner doesn't care about them. But when large dogs or obese dogs often lie on hard ground, the pressure on the elbow joints will also be much greater due to their overweight. As the joints continue to wear and tear, the skin may become slightly inflamed, and elbow joint cysts may develop over time.

For some elderly dogs, the owner still tries to guide them to sleep in the kennel dog bed, not easy to catch cold, and can relieve joint pain.

But dogs really don't like kennels, what can the owner do?

1. Remove the pungent smell of the dog bed and replace it with a familiar smell

If you just take the kennel out of the box, just give it to the dog to sleep, he will definitely not like it. Generally, there will be a smell on the kennel that has just been received. Dogs have a particularly strong sense of smell. In their perception, the kennel is something that emits a pungent smell. Dogs can't even accept fragrant shower gels. How can dogs like things with pungent odors? After buying a new kennel, it is best to put it out in the sun and wait for the pungent smell to dissipate before using it. If the kennel can be removed and washed, remove the outer cover and wash it. After washing it, it will basically tasteless.


In addition, the smell that the dog likes is the smell of his own body or the smell of the owner. So if you have the clothes that the dog wore before, or your own clothes, throw one on the kennel to make the dog feel more secure when smelling the familiar smell.


2. Change the location of the bed

The location of the kennel is actually very important. Don't put the dog's cage or dog bed too close to the gate. It is easy for the dog to be alert to people coming and going, and it is easy to bark at night. If the family and children are active in the living room, in fact, this is not suitable for dogs to rest. The kennel is a place for dogs to rest, so find a quieter corner and try to choose the corner of the room.


3. Slowly lure the dog to the bed

It is the same as the way for dogs to adapt to the cage, first let them know that there is a cage, and it is very comfortable to use. In addition to putting the things the dog likes on it: toys, small blankets, etc., and letting them take the initiative to walk over, the owner can also use training to make the dog have a good impression of the kennel.


If the owner's nest is too thick and airtight, thick-haired dogs (golden retrievers, Alaskan dogs, German shepherds, etc.) may feel hot when they sleep! In this case, the owner can put a small blanket directly on the ground to let it sleep, protecting the joints, and there is no need to spend money to buy a kennel.


Does your dog like to sleep in a kennel dog bed? Or do you not even look at the kennel dog bed?

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