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The history of mattress

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The history of beds and mattresses is very long.The history of mattresses,is a history of civilization in which humans have made all-round innovations to improve the quality and experience of sleep. In ancient times, primitive began to build beds made of wood or slate. In ancient Egypt around 4000 BC, the development of the bed was relatively mature, not only with wood as the structure, but also laid thick mattresses on the bed. Early luxury bedding, which appeared about 2,000 years ago, is often decorated with gold, silver or copper. The mattress of this bed is filled with reeds, hay, wool and feathers. In the 15th century, Western mattresses used pea shells and feathers, filled with coarser particles and covered with velvety, brocade and silk. By the 16th and 17th centuries, the mattress was basically filled the straw and fluff in a grid made of rope and covered with fabric.

In the late 18th century, cast iron beds and cotton mattresses appeared, which making it difficult for insects or parasites to inhabit the mattress and make the sleeping space warmer and healthier.


The true sense of modern sleep is marked by the birth of a spring mattress. In 1865, the world's first spring mattress was introduced, opening a new chapter in the history of modern mattresses. Since then, with the development of mattress technology, the types of mattresses have been continuously updated, and the quality of human sleep has been continuously improved, driving the rapid development of the entire mattress industry.


The United States is the earliest and most mature country in the development of the mattress industry all over the world, with more than 100 years of mattress production history. From the earliest simple spring mattresses, independent pocket spring mattresses, to latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses developed over the past two decades.The ergonomic design and technological content have gradually improved, which has greatly satisfied people's diverse health sleep needs, improve sleep quality and feeling.


Spring mattress refers to a mattress inserted spring to provide support with a cover made of cotton or other material. Its advantages are better support and permeability, but it is not durable, easy to deform and collapse.


The Latex mattress is a modern green mattress that is popular in Europe. Dunlop is a world-renowned manufacturer of latex mattress manufacturers. Latex mattresses are made from rubber sap, which is produced by processes such as die-cutting, foaming, gelling, vulcanization, water washing, drying, forming and packaging. The main advantages are no noise and no vibration. It has the function of correcting the bad sleeping position and sterilization. The shortcoming is that the gas permeability is insufficient, and the current market price is high, ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 yuan.


The air mattress was originally a simple air mattress, the advantage of which is easy to carry after the continuous innovation and improvement.It has become a modern air mattress with adjustable air support sleep system to adjust the support capacity of the mattress.


Memory foam is a polyether polyurethane foam sponge with slow resilience properties. It is a special sponge. The memory foam mattress usually has a pressure sensing function, which can change shape according to the user's weight and provide the most suitable support. 

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