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The relation of mattress and morpheus

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Have you ever had an experience in your life:


Sleep in a good hard bed, get up when feel the whole body is also hard......

Sleeping in a bed that's too soft will wake up sore and uncomfortable...

People spend a third of their lives in bed.Visible, a piece of the mattress that suits him is right oneself morpheus and the importance of health.


The relation of mattress and morpheus

Mattress too soft: can lead to the human body since the major part of the force area is too large and serious sag, can not be effectively supported, so that the spine deformation and even pathological changes.

Mattress excellent: can lead to the human body since the major parts have no corresponding stress area to adapt, resulting in small body weight parts suspended, easy to cause spinal and other bone damage.

Accordingly, the mattress that chooses a piece of soft and hard moderate is the key that realizes natural deep sleep.


Additional, good should be able to satisfy the demand of the respect such as mute, breathable, permeable water of a piece of mattress, let user bring good morpheus.

Mute function: can absorb the noise and vibration caused by sleep turnover, so that sleep is not disturbed.

Air permeable and water permeable function: make the air still flow freely in the mattress, disperse the heat and sweat generated by the contact between the skin and the mattress during sleep, and keep the sleep comfortable and dry.

This shows, a piece of good mattress is particularly important to the influence of morpheus quality.


How to choose the mattress that suits oneself

As a result of the height of everyone, weight, sleeping posture and the requirement of soft and hard degree to mattess are different, so the mattess that a choose and buy suits him is an extremely exquisite knowledge.

Slant thin person: suit to use soft some mattress, because itself fat is little, too hard mattress can produce oppressive feeling to the body, cause human blood circulation is not smooth, easy to appear toss and turn hard to fall asleep.

Slant fat people: suitable for slant hard mattress, because their weight is too large, too soft mattress will lead to turn over difficult, get up labors.


Additional, sleeping posture habit is different, also have exquisite to the choice of mattess.

People who like to lie on their side: suitable for softer mattresses;

Like prone people: suitable for some hard mattresses;

Like the person that lie supine: apply to the mattress of soft and hard moderate.

Warm hint: not a mattress applicable to all people, each person's height, figure, sleeping position, age, lifestyle and occupation are different, the requirements for the mattress is not the same!Therefore, to choose a suitable mattress for their own, the best way is to personally go to the mattress store experience!


Suitable for their own good mattress standards

1, high degree of fit: when we lie on the mattress, the mattress surface of the cushion layer to fully suit the soft tissue of the body, there can be no gap.To be able to provide very comfortable soft protection for the body, disperse the weight of the body, reduce the pressure on the body, not because of the mattress to the body to bring pressure, resulting in poor blood circulation, resulting in tossing and turning difficult to sleep.


2, good support: the traditional wooden bed or too hard brown mattress, because it can not conform to the body curve, lack of support, will lead to the sleeper's back pain symptoms.The spring mattress of a piece of soft and hard moderate, can be based on the natural curve of human body spine, divide for 7 sections to bear each bone that supports the body correctly, bear adequately bear the head, neck, shoulder, back, waist, hip, crus, maintain body skeleton to become natural and vertical state, alleviate pressure and reduce the strain of the waist.

When the curvature that maintains nature in vertebra only, muscle ability is flabby truly, replace otherwise the tired feeling of the backache when the waist gets up namely, the soft and hard degree of this asks mattess wants moderate.

3, environmental protection and health: the mattress inner filler should be environmentally friendly enough, with antibacterial, anti-mite, breathable and other functions, the mattress fabric should be wear-resistant, but also have the function of fire prevention and flame retardant.

4, durable: a good mattress, the spring must stand the test of time, quality and comfort to a few years as a day.

For a healthy night's sleep, you can start with your mattress.Get rid of the mattress that doesn't fit, find the one that belongs to your body and allow yourself a good night's sleep today.Healthy sleep, healthy life!

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