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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Memory Foam Mattresses?

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The memory foam is a polyurethane sponge with slow resilience properties and is a special sponge. It was originally designed by the NASA Ames Research Center to relieve the astronauts' enormous pressure on the spacecraft's cosmic acceleration. The Ames Research Center authorized a European company to develop and introduce memory foam to civilian applications in the 1890s, it was first applied in medicine, and later into household goods, which were widely recognized abroad and later appeared in China. Memory foam mattress is a kind of mattress that is made of memory foam.

If you want to know more about memory foam mattress, find pros and cons in the following.

The pros of memory foam mattress

1. Absorb pressure and buffer: Memory foam can absorb the weight distribution and weight of the human body, effectively alleviate the pressure when the body is in contact with mattress, and achieve the effect of supporting the body weight and preventing waist injuries. It can provide suitable degree of softness and hardness according to the temperature of different parts of the human body. Therefore, each body part of the user can get a good relaxation and rest, and the material texture of the slow rebound can make the user's body evenly stressed, help users get into deep sleep faster.

2. Turning over without interference: When you sleep with your partner, if one of them turns over frequently, it may affect the other one, but he unique pressure-relieving and shock-absorbing characteristics of memory foam will allow both to sleep without interference and sleep much better.

3. Memorize proper position: memory foam mattress can simulate the body weight distribution and body pressure, memorize the appropriate position, and meet the different needs of each person, providing the most comfortable sleeping condition.

4. Comfortable and safe: the sponge used in the memory foam mattress is environment protecting, it does not contain ozone depleting agent, odorous diphenyl ether, flame retardant, mercury, lead and other heavy metals and formic acid, with low voc (volatile organic compound) emissions


1. Cause allergies: No matter what type of mattress is, even if the price is expensive, the material is pure, it can not guarantee that it is completely free of allergens. But the probability is not high.

2. High temperature in summer: When sleeping on a memory foam mattress in winter, it can help us store heat and make us sleep more comfortable and warm, but in summer, if the room doesn’t have air conditional, the temperature of the memory foam mattress will follow the body temperature. Increase to continue to save heat, users often feel that the temperature is too high to sleep.

3. Get hard in low temperature: Memory foam mattress softens when it is hot, while it will harden when it is cold, it will become inelastic and uncomfortable under cold circumstances.

4. Expensive price: In the case of not paying attention to style and brand, the price of a memory foam mattress is between 2,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan. As for some high-end brands and the latest styles of memory memory mattresses, the price would be at least doubled.

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