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What do you know about pet sleep?

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Anyone who has fed a dog knows that whenever he calls a dog, the dog reacts. It is as if the dogs do not need sleep and are waiting for the call of their owners at all the times. In fact, this is because dog’s sleep is different from human sleep, people usually sleep for a long time, and dogs are shorter.

Paradoxical sleep refers to sleep in which the body is asleep but the eyes are still moving. The sleep frequency of dogs is 45 minutes, just one-half of the human. The sleep process of dogs are generally divided into four stages.

1. Fall asleep dazzledly.

2. Fall into shallow sleep.

3. Fall into deep sleep.

4. The stage in which the body is ready to get up.

Because living with humans, dogs live in the same way as their owners, so the sleep habits of dogs are the same as humans. Because the sleep frequency of dogs is shorter than human, the dogs wake up again and again in the process of sleep. So whenever the owner calls the dog, the dog reacts immediately and then continues to sleep.

The Sleeping Position of Pets Is Related To The Quality of Their Sleep

For pets, different sleeping positions represent their different sleep quality. 

The Lion Posture

If you see your dog in a lion pose, which means his paws stretched forward and head resting on his paws like the lions in front of some buildings, this means that the dog is just dozing instead of entering the deep sleep state.

The Side Sleep Posture

The most common posture that dogs use to sleep is lying on their sides with their legs extended, and this means that a dog is relaxed and comfortable. When the dogs start to dream, their muscles are relaxed and the dogs enter a normal sleep state.

The Donut Posture

Another dog's common sleep posture is to curl up into a little ball. They almost all sleep in this way when they're undisturbed.

How To Improve The Sleep Quality of Pets

1. Don't disturb your pet's sleep. Some pet owners often disturb their pets' sleep in order to have fun. Don't disturb your pet while they are sleeping, and don't wake it or pull their ears. If you disturb your pet's sleep, it will affect their mood.

2. Pets need a quiet environment when they sleep. We can put the pet beds in quieter places. Pet owners are advised to buy a memory foam pet bed for pets, which has anti-bacterial and anti-mite properties, as well as soft properties. It can provide a comfortable sleeping environment for pets, and also can protect the health of pets.

3. Keeping pets clean and bathing pets regularly is also a good way to improve pet sleep quality. At the same time, we should also clean up the pet beds regularly to avoid too much bacterial. If the pet has a skin disease, send the pet to the pet hospital in time, because the skin disease may affect the pet's normal sleep. 

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