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What do you know about the advantages and disadvantages of different pillow stuffing?

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 When choosing pillows for yourself, do you care more about the beauty of pillows? What matters most is the comfort of the pillow. People spend 1/3 of their lives in sleep, which has a direct impact on people's health and life expectancy. Therefore, choose a comfortable pillow for yourself, can enjoy comfortable deep sleep, to ensure good health. The following is a description of the features of the pillow stuffing.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Natural Stuffing

Some people prefer pillows filled with natural materials to artificial chemical stuffing, especially in the elderly, and prefer this type of pillows.

1.Down feather: The down feather fiber has good resiliency, and has the function of temperature regulation, moisture regulation, high air permeability, can provide a cool and comfortable environment. The disadvantage is that down feather pillows can not be washed, allergic people had better avoid using this pillow, so as not to cause respiratory discomfort.

2.Buckwheat husk: This is the most common pillow stuffing, it is soft, water absorption performance is good, but also relatively light. The downside is that the elasticity is poor, the head movement will make a noise, for people who are prone to insomnia, may affect sleep.

3.Rice husk: Its water absorption performance is better than buckwheat husk, but it will be a little heavier, and there will be a noise when the head moves.

In fact, many high quality artificial stuffing do not lose natural stuffing in many aspects, such as keeping warm and moisture, elastic properties and so on, and some of them have good antibacterial and mildew prevention and disease prevention functions because of the characteristics of materials or additives.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Artificial Stuffing

1.Latex stuffing: latex is a filling material made of natural rubber by the foaming process. As it comes from pure natural material, it is non-toxic and tasteless, and has no adverse effect on human body. The structure of latex avoids the interference of small fibers in human body, and is especially suitable for allergic physique and asthma patients. In addition, the air permeability of the latex is good, and it is not easy to deform, and can provide proper support for the cervical vertebra. However, due to raw material factors, the price of latex pillows is relatively expensive.

2.Hollow fiber: The hollow fiber is a high-tech product. It is a composite material that runs through one to several channels in the ordinary man-made fiber with poor air permeability, so that each fiber can store more air. Pillows made with this stuffing have been greatly improved in resilience, warmth, fluffy and service life.

3.Memory foam: Memory foam is a high-tech product, and a memory foam pillow made of this material can give good support to the spine. In addition, memory foam pillows also have the characteristics of antibacterial and anti-mites, which is good for human health.

4.Ordinary man-made fiber: This kind of stuffing is made of chemical fiber and cotton wool, which are convenient for washing, even washing with washing machine, and the price is cheap. But this material is not very breathable, its elasticity will be reduced after using for a long time, and its service life will become shorter.

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