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What is the benefits of memory foam dog bed?

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Memory foam belongs to special foam. Since its development, it has been used by astronaut. Nowadays, it has been gradually applied to life filed. Memory foam pet bed is an life application example of memory foam.

So how much do you know about memory foam? Next we will introduce the performance and advantages of the memory foam and the benefits of the foam dog bed.


1.What Is Memory Foam and Its Performance and Advantages

1) What Is Memory Foam

Memory foam is a polyether polyurethane foam with slow rebounding properties. It is a special foam developed by a European company. The English common name is MEMORY FOAM. In China, it is also called slow rebounding foam, space zero pressure foam, aerospace cotton, TEMPUR Tempur material, low rebounding material, viscoelastic foam and so on.

2) The Performance and Advantages of Memory Foam

①In the mechanical aspects of absorbing impact force, reducing vibration and releasing low rebounding force, it has leading performance. It is the cushioning material for the astronauts' body protecting when the space capsule is landing, and it is also the best material for the packaging of valuable instruments.

②Provide uniform surface pressure distribution; adapt to external surface press by stress relaxation, minimizing the pressure at the highest point to avoid the part with  microcirculation compression. It is the cushioning material for long-term bed rest preventing hemorrhoids effectively, and can gently maintain the shape of the foreign object.

③The molecular is stable, with non-toxic and side effects to human body. There is no allergies, no volatile irritant substances, and it has good flame retardant effect .

④Breathable bubble hole structure. Through the bubble hole structure, without punching, it has the advantages of human skin permeability, hygroscopicity and appropriate heat preservation properties,which makes winter be warmer and summer be significantly cooler than ordinary form.

⑤It has anti-bacterial, anti-mite and anti-corrosion properties, strong adsorption capacity, and can maintain the cleanliness of the outside. It is generally in contact with the human body and can be used for a long time without cleaning or disinfecting.

⑥It is more durable and has a long-lasting performance. It can be shaped as needed, and it can be made according to the required hardness, rebounding speed and density to meet the needs of different products.

2.The Benefits of Memory Foam Dog Bed

According to research, dogs basically spend 14 hours per day sleeping, so it is especially important to provide a comfortable bed for dogs. With the popularity of memory foam applications in the life field, memory foam pet bed will be a good choice for your pet dog. It can bring the following benefits to your dog.

1) Benefits for older pet dog joints

Many older dogs have joint pain problems, memory foam pet bed can minimize this problem and make your dog sleep more comfortable.

2) Improve dog health

Dogs often run and jump during activities, which makes many dogs having bone, joint and muscle problems, but memory foam dog bed can help improve the overall health of the dog.

3) Provide a comfortable resting place for dogs

A dog is an animal that is very good at finding a safe and comfortable resting place. Therefore, at home, if there is a memory foam dog bed, the dog can sleep and rest comfortably inside.

4) Suitable for all kinds of dogs

The flexible, high quality and long lasting memory foam will shape itself according to the shape and weight of the dog. The supportive foam will ensure that your dog wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Then, it's time to buy a memory foam pet bed for your dog!



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