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What should you bring for trip?

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Travel is a good thing, you can enjoy the beauty and relax. But remember to do a good raiders and packing list to make your trip better. Check the weather at your destination,and note how many days/nights you will be away.This will help you decide the number of necessary outfits. It's essential to make a packing list that would help you enjoy a better trip.



This includes photocopies of your passport, driving license and travel insurance. Also, Frequent flyer card(s) and other loyalty program card numbers ,Reservations, itineraries or pre-printed boarding pass – try and keep an electronic copy of all documents too. Recording transportation tickets (plane, train, bus, car, etc and emergency contacts and important addresses .You’re not going to get far without these essential travel documents,so Collect the documents first when packing.

Daily necessities

Clothes: The general rule of thumb is to pack at most 5 days’ worth of clothing, preferably in dark, neutral colours that go well with one another. You can always pack less for a lighter bag, in exchange for more laundry runs.Don’t forget to bring along a good number of socks too — about 4 – 5 pairs. If you’re staying in hostels, slippers are a must-have around the showers and other common areas!

Washing bag

Grooming product: If you don't like the toiletries provided by the hotel, you can choose a wash bag, which is simple and compact, it is easy to carry and save place. It includes common cleaning products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, facial cleanser, soap, and combs. Facial / Make-up Remover Wipes and dry shampoo can make you more clean and energetic during long trip.



Power Banks----The batteries on your smart phones, cameras etc. tend to deplete faster in extreme temperatures. Power banks are great way to keep your phone and camera alive whilst out and about! With 2 power banks, you can also charge your phone and camera at the same time;

Travel Adapters and Converters --- There are about 15 types of electrical outlets in use throughout the world.When you want to plug in one of your devices abroad, you’ll need an adapter, it plugs the appropriate prong style into the socket and your cord plugs into the external side of the adapter.


Small items make travel more comfortable

Travel Pillow:Clearly when it comes to travel pillows and sleeping, comfort is the key priority. Travel neck pillows can be useful,  support you head if you want to sleep on a plane , It is very decompressed .You also can use it as a hotel room pillow cover to sleep better ,and It is practical and easy to carry around.

Eye Mask & Ear Plugs: Slap on your eye mask. Put in your ear plugs. Block out the light, block out the sound and drift of to sleep.

Foldable Water Bottle: A foldable water bottles is perfect for filling up from the water fountains after airport security, or folding down and packing into your bag after you’ve finished a hike.

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