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Where Are Memory Foam Mattresses From?

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With the advance of science and technology, people have more and more new materials such as memory foam. Although memory foam is now a kind of common material, its emergence and development are inextricably linked to human exploration of space.

·Early Development

Memory foam, developed by NASA in 1960s, has open cell structure and temperature-sensitive decompression properties, which can also be called as a temperature-sensitive decompression material. NASA USES this material on the space shuttle to relieve stress on astronauts and protect their spines, which are the most dangerous and stressful parts of the shuttle as it returns and leaves the ground. Memory foam and GPS (global positioning system) are two great inventions of space technology. Memory foam was originally widely used in medical emergency and monitoring systems, but its large-scale civilian use began with the launch of the first memory foam mattress by Fagerdala in Sweden in 1991. It has since spread rapidly in developed countries, especially health-conscious ones like Japan.


(1)It’s leading in absorbing impact force, reducing vibration and other mechanical property. It’s a fantastic material to protect the astronaut's body during the landing of the space capsule.

(2)Its construction of the molecule is stable and non-toxic,no side effects, no allergy, no volatile irritant in contact with the human body. It also has good flame resistance and other chemical properties. No country has declared that it does not meet the hygiene and safety requirements for household products.

(3)The structure is porous, which can ensure the air permeability and moisture absorption required by human skin, and has appropriate performance of heat preservation. You can feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer than average sponge apparently.

(4)It’s anti-bacterial, anti-mite and anti-corrosive with strong adsorption ability. It can be used for a long time, without disinfection.

(5)It’s durable and the performance maintained for a long time. You can shape it as you want.


Memory foam is used to make mattresses and pillows.Memory foam mattresses can absorb and decompose the body's pressure. According to the temperature of the human body, it can change different hardness and accurately shape body contour. Confirmed by medicine, Memory foam mattresses can effectively alleviate the pain of skeletal and muscle. The interesting thing about the memory foam pillow is that it feels soft, but it doesn't feel soft when you lie on it. This hardness is perfect for holding the head and neck comfortably. The memory foam pillow fits the cervical vertebra, so that the pillow fits thehead and neck perfectly. The memory foam pillow overcomes the stress deformation of the cervical vertebra caused by the traditional round or oval pillow when sleeping. The memory foam pet bed can provide a comfortable sleeping environment for pets to ensure their sleep quality. Its anti-bacterial property can also reduce the risk of illness in pets. In conclusion, memory foam is a good material that can bring people a healthier life.

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