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Why do dogs have a soft spot for the owner's bed (1)

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-01      Origin: Site

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Dog owners may find that their dogs particularly like the owner's bed, and always want to go to bed and play, and some dogs like to sleep with their owner. Today I will tell you 8 reasons why dogs like to sleep in the owner's bed!


Article 1: Do not want to be separated from the owner

Dogs want to go to bed because they want to stick to their masters, and they can't let them go to sleep. In a popular saying, "My master and I can't be separated for a moment"!


Article 2: The bed is more comfortable

Compared with the kennel, the owner's bed is larger and more comfortable and soft. After the dog has actually experienced the experience of using the kennel, he did not hesitate to continue to choose to sleep on the owner's bed!



Article 3: The smell of the owner in the bed

Everyone who raises a dog knows that a dog is an olfactory animal and likes to smell the smell of the owner. The smell of the owner can make the dog feel happy, comfortable and at ease. Of course, the dog wants to stay in the owner's bed to rest rather than the kennel with only the smell of the dog.


Article 4: Insecurity

Dogs will also lack a sense of security and are very dependent on their owners. When dogs feel that they are not safe enough, they will find ways to climb onto the owner's bed and sleep close to the owner to feel at ease.


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