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Why do dogs have a soft spot for the owner's bed (2)

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-04      Origin: Site

Article 5: The bed is warmer

The owner's bed is big and comfortable, and the cup is very soft and fluffy, which is very warm! For dogs sleeping on the cold ground at night, even though there are kennels, they are still not warm enough, so some dogs will sneak up on the owner's bed to sleep in the middle of the night.


Article 6: Fear of loneliness

The higher the dog’s IQ, the more humane it is, and the more afraid of loneliness and the need for someone to accompany him, so he refuses to sleep with a dog in the kennel, and must sleep with his owner.



Article 7: Want to protect the owner

The owner is the most valued and precious "wealth" in a dog's life, and is worthy of guarding throughout his life. Therefore, the loyal dog will not slacken for a moment, and must guard his master day and night to protect his master's safety!


Article 8: Like the owner

Wanting to sleep with the owner is a way for the dog to like the owner, value the owner, and express love. To use a popular Internet stalk, it means that a dog likes you (is greedy for your body)!



If you often sleep with your dog, it will make your dog more clingy, have no independence, and easily suffer from separation anxiety disorder. It is recommended that pets mainly refuse the dog's request to go to bed, and use toys and dog snacks to reward a lot of training and cultivate the dog's independence consciousness.


Conclusion: Does your dog fall in love with bed?

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