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World sleep day | chosen the right mattress to enron to sleep every day

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Going to bed and getting up every day is something we take for granted, but if we don't pay attention to it, a good night's sleep can become very hard to come by.The stand or fall of morpheus quality and mattress are closely bound up, a piece of good mattress not only can make the person has comfortable morpheus, and also have benefit greatly to the body and spirit.March 21st is World Sleep Day, and today we're going to talk about mattresses to help you get a healthy night's sleep.


What's the difference between so many types of mattresses

The classification of mattress is different according to craft and technology, can divide for: mattress of spring mattress, palm mattress, latex, water mattress, air-filled mattress, magnetic mattress.

Spring mattress: a modern commonly used, better performance of the mattress, its core by the spring composition.The cushion has the advantages of good elasticity, good bearing, strong air permeability and durability.

Palm mattress: palm fiber woven, generally hard texture, or hard with a little soft.The mattress price is relatively low.The use of natural palm odor, poor durability, easy collapse deformation, poor supporting performance, poor maintenance easy moth or mold.

Latex mattress: made of polyurethane compounds, also known as PU foam mattress.Its softness is higher, water absorption is strong, but the elasticity and breathability is insufficient, so the mattress is easy to be wet.

Water mattress: use buoyancy principle, have buoyancy morpheus, dynamic morpheus, warm in winter and cool in summer, the characteristic such as heat therapy action.

Air mattress: the mattress material is excellent, environmental protection, safety, health care, easy to collect, easy to carry and other characteristics, suitable for home, travel.

Memory Foam mattress: Temperature sensitivity, slow rebound, decompression, safety and environmental protection.


Should the film on the mattress be torn or not

Regular overturn: new mattress is in buy the first year that use between, every two to three months positive and negative, left and right or corner turns each other, make mattress spring force is even, after about every half a year overturn can.

Keep clean: do a good job in the hygiene of bedding, drying frequently.If the mattress is stained, blot it dry with toilet paper or cloth and do not wash with water or detergent.Avoid lying in bed after bathing or sweating, and do not use electrical appliances or smoke in bed.

Do not often sit in the edge of the bed, bed horn: because of the 4 horns of the mattress the flimsiest, sit in the edge of the bed for a long time lie, easy to make protect edge spring premature damage.

To tear off the packaging film: many people think that buying a new mattress without removing the plastic film can keep the mattress as new as the same.In fact, it is very wrong.That will be more prone to mold, breeding bacteria and mites, long-term moisture will also make the internal structure of the mattress rust.


The mattress should be soft or hard

There has been a debate on the topic of whether the mattress is soft or hard, but in fact everyone's feeling and acceptance is different, the mattress in the end is hard or soft, we must personally try to know.What is certain is that the mattress on which the elderly sleep should not be too soft, or the body will sink into the mattress.When choosing mattess, can lie before buying go up to try, want the radian of every body only and mattess to stick together, can bear the weight of the body, appropriate.


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