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You can't get a good night's sleep without a proper pillow

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Many people feel relaxed and refreshed after waking up, but there are also many people who wake up with neck pain and shoulder pain, or even "stiff pillow".A bad night's sleep and a weak day's sleep is essential for everyone.And to get a good night's sleep, you need a proper pillow.

Pillows, pay attention to avoid these five "TOO"

1. Too high, too high pillow is equivalent to bending your head all night, which easily leads to too much pressure in the neck, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the head and neck, resulting in poor airway, which leads to headache, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia and other phenomena.

2. Too low, sleeping muscles relax, most of the force suffered by the neck in the cervical spine, pillow too low will make the cervical spine straighten, or promote the bulge of the intervertebral disc.

3 too wide, the pillow is not too wide, the length of the sleep is enough to turn a position behind the line, width 0.15 to 0.2 meters is appropriate, because the pillow is too wide will cause passive tension on the head and neck joints and muscles.

4. The pillow is too hard, and the pressure on the contact part of the head and neck and the pillow will be enhanced, resulting in head discomfort.

5. The pillow is too soft and easy to sag. It is difficult to maintain the normal height, and the head and neck will feel tired due to lack of support.

You need different heights of pillows for different sleeping positions

Lie on your back: the height of the pillow is about your fist, about 5 to 8 cm.

Side Sleeping: Pillow height is about one punch plus one palm thickness, about 7 to 12 cm for women, about 11 to 14 cm for men.

Lateral lie and supine lie alternately: female pillow is about 8 to 10 cm tall, the male can add 2 cm or so on female pillow height, the pillow of old people can be a bit taller, 9 to 15 cm is appropriate.

Characteristic of pillow core of different material is different each, but always one suits you

Buckwheat pillow core: natural material material, winter warm summer cool, can move as the head and change shape, more comfortable.

Down pillow core: good fluidity, can give the head better support, and not easy to deform, good air permeability, but inconvenient to clean.

Memory foam pillow: chronic rebound, ears will be more comfortable.

Natural latex pillow: good elasticity, strong supporting force, not easy to deform, and easy to clean.

Man-made fiber pillow core: lack of elasticity, airtight, easy to agglomerate deformation, pillow is not very comfortable.

Pillow health nots allow to ignore, pillow core, pillowcase should wash frequently

1. It is recommended to wash it every three months or so and replace it with a new pillow in two to three years.

2. After cleaning the pillow, it is recommended to put it in the sun, which can sterilize and disinfect, and the pillow will be drier. After drying, you can pat the pillow, which will be more fluffy.

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